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December 08, 2011
12/8/11 - D Day

Yes, today I got Divorced!  Horray for boobies, or lack thereof.  Or maybe new ones. 

I should start a pool.  I wonder how long it will take the crazy woman to realize how good she's had it.  6 years and 5 months. 

December 06, 2011
12/6/11 - "The Grind"

So, I've been kicking around ideas in my head for a while as far as my next game.  I would like to finish Nightman someday, but I'm really just not motivated to dive into a giant ass game right now.  Maybe someday.

Anyway, I've been toying with some characters for a bit now.  Just letting my creative juices drift somewhere besides the drain in the bathtub.  I've come up with some stuff, but I have a while to go.  A while ago I asked for ideas on new games.  I found three things that peaked my interest.

1.  I have a bunch of 16KB NROM doners that I would like to do something with.
2.  Brad had the idea of a 8x8 character game.  He said platformer, but honestly, platformers are not my thing.  I like the top down and space ships type stuff.
3.  The Grind.  Reccomended by a very young user who thought it would be pretty cool.  Basically you just grind away at something until you beat it.

With this in mind, I've set about designing a new game.  It will be small to fit in the little doner carts, so that will be a challenge.  But we'll see where it takes us.  I'll post the graphics when I get somewhere. 


Later that afternoon...

So, I've been bored at work (first time in a long time), so I've been making stuff that would get me written up.     Here's some of the art for The Grind.  It should be enough to get me started anyway.  Once the basic engine is in place, and I see how much extra space I have, I'll add bells and whistles. 


November 08, 2011
11/8/11 - Homebrew Prices

Rant time.  I'm pissed about something today, so I get to rant about something trivial to make myself feel better.  Shut up and listen! 

So, all said, Bust A Nut, a CIB game, was $27.50 SHIPPED and I still made $1000 on 50 of them (and donated an additional $200 to NA).  (I can understand a higher price if you get a real box made, but for an extra $15 each, it's stupid IMO.)  Now, I see cart only games (NROM games, mind you, not even the complicated ones) selling for $30 cart only.  That's crap.  Homebrewing is not a way to make money, it's a hobby.  If you don't enjoy the construction, release the rom and the label and let people make their own game.  Don't fuck people over for the hell of it. 

NROM Doner - 2, chips - 2.5, label - 1, shipping - 2.5 = 8.  Any more than ~25 is screwing people. 

You, future homebrew releasers, don't be assholes.  Keep it cheap. 

November 04, 2011
11/4/11 - Bitches Be Trippin'

Well, since bitches be trippin' that I've not started on NM vs. JI rev...4 (I think), I sat down for a bit today and did some stuff.  I thought about giving up programming for a while, but it relaxes me.  So, in the effort to get out of my head for a bit, I redid the overworld meta tiles...again.  My goal this time around is to do like I did on BAN where I don't have to fuck with attributes.  So, this may compramise some versitility, but in the end, it will be much less frustrating.  Here's the result:


This shit on the left is the meta tiles from iteration #1 and #2, I believe.  Then the top right is from #3.  The middle right is the current one.  I don't know if you can see it very well, but I took out some of the detail that might make just over a rat's ass of difference, but overall, I doubt you'd be able totell if I didn't point it out.  You can see the repeats of some stuff.  That's for the different pallettes that I'll eventually specify.  I blunted out some of the round stuff so that the collision detection would seem to work better.  And changed stuff ever so slightly so that there would be more duplicate meta tiles.  This is blatiantly obvious if you compare the final with the original wall shit.  Much more efficient. 

Anyway, any suggestions, let me know.

October 31, 2011
10/31/11 - Boredom

So, I've not really had insperation/motivation strike me since I finished my last game.  As a result, I've not done shit in the way of something new.  I'll most likely start on Nightman again at some point, but we'll see.  I really like the short games that I can finish in a few months rather than a few years like an entire big ass game.  I have everything that I'd need for another small release (or a couple more), but I need an idea to strike. 

Other than that, I'm having some turmoil in my personal life that may or may not end up being a good thing.  I'm pretty sure that I know what I want, but TX makes it pretty much impossible to do it economically and timely.  Who knows what will happen.  But she did tell me yesterday that she didn't care, wasn't trying, and was being a bitch (her words), so I really don't know what to do with that...?  How can you even try to get past it with an attitude like that?

Anyway, any good homebrew suggestions, let me know. 

And the distribution of BAN went pretty goot.  So far I've only had 2 damage claims.  Both to Canada.  One where the case got squished and the other where the SB cart was damaged.  Seems weird that that would be what's hurt, but I'm still waiting on pictures.  So far they've been nice about it, but next time I may have the option to ship to CA in a box or they take the damage risk.

Anyway, till next time.