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February 02, 2015
"That Man Stole My Bike!" - MAGFest 13

I attended MAGFest for the first time last week. For those of you that don't know, MAGFest stands for the Music and Gaming Festival held at the Gaylord just outside Washington DC each year. It's like Disney World for nerds, only with video games instead of archetypal characters. And while I was running around shooting video for my recaps the entire time, the best footage I saw was from someone else!
This clip was from another attendee who saw my camera and asked if I wanted to see what they got on their iPhone the day before. I could not stop laughing. Hands down, best cosplay of the weekend. With no further ado, I present...
Music by Emulator (The Band) -
PS If anyone knows who the longhaired guy that joined in the chase is, let me know!

Nintendo Age PRGE Recap 2013

Well, PRGE is this weekend and I can't be there. But what I can do is watch this video I made of last year to tide me over! This is coverage of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age.
Interviews include me talking with Rich from about some Arcade games he made from scratch, DJ Switch about what it's like to provide the tunes to an entire convention, and a followup interview with Marc Ericksen on whether or not Mega Man's foot is broken. Highlights include the unveiling of the HDMI NES prototype from, a heated game competition at the Saturday Morning booth, and a group shot of all the NAers in attendance last year.
Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) -
Rich -
Marc Ericksen -
? -
DJ Switch -
On Being Human (Music) -

September 13, 2014
Retropalooza 2013 NA Wrap

It anticipation of Retropalooza 2014, I give you my homage to The Game Chasers as I cover their own event. This is coverage of Retropalooza that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age.

This one is a shorty, but highlights include me dominating Contra, some very well done cosplay outfits, and of course, my interview with Billy from The Game Chasers. Tank tops are where it's at!
Nintendo Age -

The Game Chasers -
Billy -
On Being Human:
Kevin MacLeod:

June 29, 2014
Too Many Games Expo 2013 - NA Wrap Up

Too Many Games 2014 wraps up today, and while I couldn't attend this year, I had one last video from 2013 to share with all of us who couldn't make it to Philly! This is coverage of the Too Many Games Expo that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age.

Interviews include Vinnie Crisafulli (creator of homebrew games Dragon Feet and Dragon Leap for the Nintendo), Jeff Ryan (author of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America), and DJ Cutman (chiptune artist extraordinaire), who tries to explain to me just what exactly chiptune is. Highlights would be me interfering with the Roast of the Angry Video Game Nerd, Keith Apicary's shenanigans on stage, and a lot of DDR. Must be a New England thing!

Nintendo Age -
Too Many Games -

Vinnie Crissafuli -
Jeff Ryan -
Dj Cutman -
Danimal Cannon -

Shot on the fly, edited on the cheap, and totally unscripted production by me, "Ferris Bueller" off Nintendo Age.

April 29, 2014
Free video Game Day 2013

Free Video Game Day 2013



This is coverage of Free Video Game Day at FX Game Exchange in Plano, TX, that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age. Interviews include video game encyclopedia author Brett Weiss, PC game developer Ben Roye, and a chat with FX owner Trey Fondren about where the idea for Free Video Game Day came from.
Highlights include me schooling several NAers and Billy from The Game Chasers in World Class Track Meet, a quick aside about the Power Pad with Nintendo World Champion Thor Aauckerland, and the ending of Contra for those of you still not good enough to beat, even with the Konami code!
Nintendo Age -
FX Game Exchange -
Brett Weiss -
Ben Roye -
The Game Chasers -