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162 Mario's Right Nut (350)
9/30/14 - Cunt Punch 09/30/2014
1 mjrucci (1) If anyone has a dino peak manual they would like to sell please contact me thanks 09/26/2014
4 albailey (55)
Dungeon crawler 09/15/2014
8 ookii_risu (66)
Alisia Dragoon 08/14/2014
23 outumnq (0) A little dream of a little girl 08/13/2014
1 ironious (4) Sorry, Im not a chick 08/13/2014
1 ulti19 (0) 07/24/2014
1 DanielClark (0) Portable Gaming Enhanced With Nintendo 3DS 06/23/2014
1 Retroman86 (20)
nes vga collections 06/06/2014
23 MS3QT (3) The Ages Collection: Part Tres-Dois – More Final Fantasies Four Five Six! And Something About Three! 04/26/2014
2 IWantN64s (5)
Back from that week long trip with a broken finger that'll delay my purchasing on here, sorry guys. Still planning to follow through with all agreed upon transactions soon. 04/10/2014
1 bleuparty (0) Cheap game consoles made in china 04/01/2014
2 JRockGameRocker (0) Removing Black Marker from your SNES Cartridge 04/01/2014
9 Aclancy83 (1) Finding games on Long Island. 03/26/2014
1 ZombieGuyGeezus (100)
Hey I figured it out! 03/09/2014
2 Kelp (22)
Selling: 03/04/2014
1 anruiukimi (10)
Eh, no info area in profile from what I can see, so I'll put it here. I'm an Inland Empire dweller whose main claim to "fame" was a three year stint teaching in Japan (protip, it was awesome.) I hold a BA in Anthropology from UCR. Video games, anime, music, collecting, Avengers, fanworks...all things I like. I also have a side Etsy business of selling nerdy patches. Most of my collections in general are in storage, and I hope to move somewhere eventually that will let me have it all out again. 03/03/2014
1 kasey03 (0) Someone Help me? 02/13/2014
1 cocosoup (0) 5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals 02/08/2014
2 TerrHeel (125)
Rock Band want to download 01/31/2014
9 VGML (0) Visit my chanel on Youtube 11/01/2013
1 Tecmo Tournament (0) Minnesota Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 12/07/2013 09/30/2013
18 bunnyboy (81)
variables/structures 09/06/2013
4 Romarqable (39)
118 to go... 07/30/2013
1 Clutterducks (0) Hello, my name is James. My business partner, Steve, and I just opened a new store in Brewerton, NY. It is called Clutterducks, and we are specializing in carrying all vintage video games and video game collectibles. As well as many other collectibles. Just looking to say hello, and see who is out there in our area. Thank you for your time. 07/12/2013