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NA's own thesubcon3 has another Kickstarter going right now, this one for the inaugural first season of the VGBS Podcast. Interviews from the freshman year include Joe Granato of The New 8-Bit Heroes, Rob Bryant of Sly Dog Studios, and the legendary Walter Day formerly of Twin Galaxies, along with their BS Homework segments where they over-analyze everything about a game and give it a grade. Supporters have the opportunity to get the entire first season of VGBS Gaming Podcast on a USB thumb drive for easy access. But that's not what really has our curiosity piqued. There will also be an accompanying NES cart you can "play" along with the podcasts!

This cartridge has already been programmed by Damian Yerrick, who is a very talented and prolific developer heavily involved with the NES Homebrew scene. He also indicated that if this project is funded he plans to add a unique playable game to the cartridge as well, "BS Themed". The cartridge will feature descriptions of the entirety of Season 1, as well as offer some amazing music from various albums from NES Chiptune musician Zi from Bleep Bop Records. Because they are game collectors just like everyone else, to accompany the cartridge will be a full NES box and manual!

Sections on the cartridge:
  • Full Season 1 Synopsis
  • Detailed list of each episode from Season 1
  • BS Homebrew breakout and Grades for each game
  • About VGBS Gaming Podcast
  • Names of all the Kickstarter Contributors
  • Credits
  • Rock out in style while you delve into the awesomeness of VGBS!

Oh, and if you donate enough, they have to have you an episode of the show! Links to the Kickstarter below.

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VGBS Kickstarter

Designed to make use of the Power Pad by bringing cornhole to the NES, Tailgate Games is the end goal of taking the unpopular peripheral and giving it a good use that everyone can enjoy! What better way than tossing projectiles at a 30 year old controller! Tailgate Party features a Single-Player Story Mode as well as a Multiplayer Mode. In addition, players can choose from 11 playable characters, 7 game modes, and a full soundtrack written by NA forum member, Zi. As you defeat each opponent, they are unlocked in Vs Mode. Not only that, it includes achievements that you must decipher to unlock! 

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Originally posted by: Mega Mario Man

I have decided to sell all editions at a set price. The game has been tested on real NES hardware and the AVS. It is not tested on other clone systems. All editions are made using GT-ROM boards developed by Memblers Industries. Each board contains flash memory, allowing you to save your progress in the game. You will also be able to reset the cartridge back to factory default at any time.

REGULAR EDITIONS – Currently 84 Copies Available

Complete: $60+Shipping
Cart+Manual: $50+Shipping
Cart Only: $45+Shipping

LIMITED EDTIONS – Only 18 of 30 copies are available!
Limited Edition: $200+Shipping
Customized Character: Add $50