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From resident NAer Toshi5o3, what originally started as a track and field like game, quickly morphed into what it is now: A series of events that test the skills of those that want to become shadow warriors. Previously limited to five copies available only at PRGE, Sergio has done a more complete run that is now available, one-bid auction style. It's running for an unspecified amount of time, so choose carefully with your amount! Shipping is NOT included in the bid. 
Here's a list of what is included:

-Original print (signed by artist)
-16-page full color manual
-High-res box (+clear vinyl protector)
-Dust Sleeve
-Origami Cranes (hand folded myself) with "Ukiyoe Chiyogami" paper
-Paper coin bag (to house the cranes)
-"Tenugui" (or Japanese handtowel)
-Uniquely colored bag (all of the goodies will go in it)

New release for the NES just in time for Christmas!!!

Visit to purchase your copy today! Like on for news on all things related to the game.
Thanks for supporting us in our endeavor to help keep NES homebrew alive!!


Haunted: Halloween '86 (The Curse Of Possum Hollow)

The year is 1986 and the town of Possum Hollow is under siege again. Harry has summoned a new pack of haunted henchmen from the depths to rise up and take control on the most evil of nights... Halloween Night.

Last year Donny defeated Harry with an endless barrage of haymakers and sent him back into the depths but this year won't be so easy. Haunted Harry is back!

Only together can Donny and Tami save Possum Hollow. Tag-Team Technology allows you to swap characters as you fight to survive.
With all new moves, 7 new chapters of beat 'm up action and a bone-chilling soundtrack the tale of '86 awaits...

Are you still rad enough??

 photo dedb7077-3560-4741-8401-04028f0b0ae6_zpsgiorufxt.png