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It's always amazing to me how some of the most worthless games from a gaming perspective tend to fetch outrageous amounts of money. But then again, it could be said that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I'm curious if the high bidder of the $873.04 Stadium Events (cart-only) realizes that it's nowhere nearly as rare as about 20+ games I can think of that sell for 1/10th that amount?

At any rate, I wanted to draw attention to this trend: if people say it's rare, it must be true, and therefore it must be had at any price.

Al last, a site for true NES enthusiasts and collectors alike. Inspired by, perhaps the greatest Atari site ever, the goal of Nintendo(AGE) is to catalog the entire NES universe -- from games and accessories, to variations, regional releases, as well as other items perhaps of interest to fellow NES collectors.

This site is a continuing work-in-progress, and will be treated as "software" in that it uses a versioning system (upper left corner) to track its overall progress. It is with great hope that members of the NES collecting community worldwide will come together and contribute toward the success of this site.

What to expect now:

Everything on Nintendo(AGE) is treated as a search, so just about everything is clickable. For this early Alpha release, we've created a simple, searchable index of every NES game that we know to exist, worldwide. To be sure, we've overlooked many games and that's where YOU come in -- without YOUR help, Nintendo(AGE) will surely stagnate, just like the myriad other sites that attempt to catalog video games.

What to expect in the near future:

We're actively building robust user features for Nintendo(AGE), such as a collection manager, photo manager, seller/traders interface, and much much more. This version does not encompass NES accessories, simply because we're actively looking for accessory collectors to help us out.

To say we're excited about the release of Nintendo(AGE) would be an understatement.

Hang tight, kids :-)