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January 23, 2008
Updates for 1/22 and 1/23

1. Fixed a bug that wasn't returning results for "Has other scans (ie, map, guides, etc)"

2. The ">" link on areas that page (ie, Manuals, etc) wasn't appearing in some, but not all, situations.

3. Added the ability to "empty trash" in the users message center (click on the trash can icon, then you will see an "empty trash" button below it).

4. Added the ability to purge messages before a certain date. This is located at the bottom of your inbox.

5. Expanded the ALT text for medals to show the feedback range.

6. Added transaction ID to the user home page feedback panel.

January 21, 2008
Update for 1/21...

More site updates....

1. The default page in user directory now shows the currently logged-in users first; if none are logged in, it then shows the most recently-joined users. There is also a link to see logged-in users, to the right of the alpha bar ("logged-in users").

2. We added an "all" link in the users directory. This essentially resets any filters and will show the most recently-joined users first by default (date joined, descending order).

3. Bug in the poll system was preventing people from voting. Oops.

4. Message queue was showing inaccurate unread message count. For now, I've changed it to say, "you have unread messages".

5. Transactions page showed the transaction "originator" in the [User] column. This was a bit counterintuitive, so it will now show the other party involved in the transaction.

6. The tooltip (hover) text for release year in search results (and game pages) was showing 1905 (fixed).

7. On your "My Home" page, under your avatar, I've added your name/rank -- I kept wondering what my feedback score was and it's not apparent on the user home page. This will save a click (I'm lazy).

8. Added a "Preview" button to the Site Links area. Apparently, some of you actually want to *see* what you're doing. Pffft. Slackers!

9. Also added a preview button to the site blog area.

10. "Latest Topics" was incorrectly sorting by thread creation date, not by actual last post date.

January 20, 2008
A few site updates today...

A few more fixes/additions were made today.

1. Feeback pages were only showing the last 10 entries. I've added a paging system to allow you to see all entries, 10 per page.

2. RSS was getting an invalid xml parsing message on certain areas; this was due to dynamically writing content headers that contained non-escaped special characters.

3. NA Radio was added the the "Jump" list; we're trying to figure out a better placement for this, but it's at least back in some form.

4. The image options (the ones that allow you to paste links to images) in custom image albums were not appearing (fixed).

5. The new message indicator is now live. Fallout from this may require you to purge your temporary internet files in order for it to function properly. Now you don't need to keep hitting refresh on your inbox to see new messages (and we'd prefer that you don't keep hitting refresh, as that's a waste of server resources). For the techies, it's an AJAX pipe that checks for new messages every 30 seconds. On each page load, it fetches the last queued message.

January 19, 2008
Letting the dust settle...

Well, the upgrade went a lot better than expected, with very few errors, none of which were what I'd consider to be "major." We managed to do the upgrade in less than 2 hours, with the site itself being down for only 17 minutes.

As more people start using the site, I fully expect some issues to crop up. Jason (NationalGameDepot) and I are keeping a todo list for things that people are finding. I've already fixed some issues:
  1. Page title not working in the forums
  2. ebay links to stores were not being parsed correctly, resulting in an error on ebay's side. We insert the NA affiliate PID on all outgoing ebay links to try to raise a bit of scrap for things like CGE. If you notice problems, please contact Jason or myself.
  3. The link parser was having trouble with linked images (ie, in your signature). This has been resolved.
  4. The "Reply" button was non-present when viewing inbox messages (resolved).
  5. When viewing another member's feedback, the "member since" date showing the logged-in user's join date instead of the person you were viewing (fixed).
  6. The transaction page was only showing 10 transactions, even if you clicked on the next page (resolved).
There are still a few "known issues" that we hope to have resolved in the coming days:
  1. "XX New Messages" notifier. On the old site, it would alert you to the fact that you have new messages. This is something that is being finished up. The improvement here is that it will notify you without having to reload the page (it's AJAX-enabled). This should be up very soon.
  2. The accessories search results pages are showing duplicate records. This should be worked out soon as well.
If you find anything odd, please let me know. There's already a good chance that someone else has told us, but to be sure, send me a PM anyway.

There are also several features that will be "coming sooner than later":
  1. IRC chat. We'll be hosting an IRC server for #NintendoAGE -- We'll keep you all posted. Thanks go out to Zzap for getting the initial testbed for this working.
  2. A few others, which have escaped me... it's been a long day  

January 18, 2008
Welcome to NA version 1.0 (alpha)

Well, it's taken *beyond* a long time -- much longer than I'd ever imagined it taking to update the site... and there are features that are still in-progress, and many that haven't even been started. It's been frustrating, to say the least, but I hope this is the beginning of something better. I'm very curious to get your reactions to the changes

Have suggestions, comments, insights, feedback, etc? See something that's broken or could be done better? Have more great ideas? Don't be shy! This site grows from your suggestions, and we really do listen  

Oh, and before I forgot -- be sure to say hello to my friend Sqooner the NA mailer bot and Oiram, the owner of Schlotz, the town hangout! Sqooner is your friend, and will send you email when other members perform actions that involve you (ie, starting a transaction). Oiram can be a real pain, so don't upset him!


"Hi, I'm sqooner! Glad to meet ya'll! Btw, if you have time, why not stop by my friend Oiram's hangout, Schlotz, and chat with us sometime?"


(editors note: don't mind Oiram, he's a cigar-smokin', liquor poorin' fool! But hey, he runs a tight ship