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0With the immense popularity of the NES in the 80s and early 90s, virtually anything you can name had a nintendo seal slapped on it.    Nintendo signs, action figures, telephones, trading cards, stickers, bedsheets, comic books, board games and a cornucopia of other licensed products were produced the world over. 

Many nostalgic gems such as the sign at left are now the apple of collectors' eyes.. with many more no doubt waiting to be discovered.   Uncover your own piece of Nintendo history today!

 0 At over a whopping 100 pages, NGD (aka NationalGameDepot) has finally released the list he's been working on for well over a year now. It has everything from test carts to PAL games to Sachen and Brazil releases -- something for every NES collector or curious onlooker.

The list comes in two flavors: Decaf or Espresso (lite or full). You can download the lite version which contains all the info, but without the heaviness of images, or the full version which is packed with tons of images of games, variations and many other items of interest.


¤ Game List v3.0 (lite version - 232 KB)

¤ Game List v3.0 (full version - 28.1 MB) has officially partnered with NGD to be an ongoing host of his most recent version, updates, etc.