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Our fellow collector brethen Jason (NationalGameDepot) and Nick (Servicegames812) were recently featured on in an article by Stephen Totilo.

We were delightfully surprised as well when we noticed that NintendoAGE was also briefly mentioned. It is our hope that we'll be seeing a few new folks around here as excited as we are about the NES.

If you have few moments, check out the article -- it's a pretty good read, and made for a good laugh in more than a few spots. Stephen did a great job of touching on some of the things we do as collectors to entertain ourselves, which drives home the fact that some of us truly are mad!

...but, I'm still wondering, how did Jason get out of his 8 foot NES?
As a first time user of a NES-to-USB adapter (for use with an emulator), I had to separate my initial excitement of being able to play games with a regular controller on my computer from giving a product review that is both fair and honest.

A few days ago I received a complimentary NES RetroPort from RetroZone, and my initial reaction is that the RetroPort is incredibly well-made, small, and heavy-duty. I've seen cheapter USB adapters/kits that look as though they were assembled in someone's garage, then slapped together with a plastic shell, Super Glue and sold for $40. Not the NES RetroPort.

Your standard NES controller plugs into the RetroPort (tightly, I might add), and then you simply plug RetroPort's USB connector into any open USB slot. Using Windows XP, my machine immediately recognized the RetroPort and when verifying the Game Controllers setup in Windows, all tests went off without a hitch.

You can use any joystick-compatible emulator, so I fired up Nestopia, mapped the joystick (the RetroPort shows up as "Retr"), and began playing immediately. There's really nothing to it. To be sure, I could not tell any difference playing through the RetroPort versus playing through a standard NES -- the RetroPort worked perfectly, right from the start.

For $22, I'd say the RetroPort is worth every penny if you're an avid emulator user. If you'd like to pick one up, or looking for other retro-related adapters, check out their site: