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 0 At over a whopping 100 pages, NGD (aka NationalGameDepot) has finally released the list he's been working on for well over a year now. It has everything from test carts to PAL games to Sachen and Brazil releases -- something for every NES collector or curious onlooker.

The list comes in two flavors: Decaf or Espresso (lite or full). You can download the lite version which contains all the info, but without the heaviness of images, or the full version which is packed with tons of images of games, variations and many other items of interest.


¤ Game List v3.0 (lite version - 232 KB)

¤ Game List v3.0 (full version - 28.1 MB) has officially partnered with NGD to be an ongoing host of his most recent version, updates, etc.

As the most valuable game in the NES canon, Stadium Events is the subject of a lot of collectors' frantic ebay searches. However, many unscrupulous sellers will often try to pass off the PAL version of Stadium Events as the NTSC version (the PAL version is not rare, was not subject to recall and is worth a fraction of the NTSC version's value).

Bidders will look at a small picture of Stadium Events and be unsure if it is a NTSC or PAL copy, or may be misled to believe a PAL copy is NTSC. However, identifying a copy as PAL or NTSC is as easy as can be with a little knowledge of seal variants (see article below! :) ). PAL copies such as the one shown below have an oval, white-and-gold seal. By definition, an NTSC copy cannot have a white and gold seal because that seal did not begin to be used until March, 1989. Meanwhile, stadium events was released in September, 1987 and was not reprinted. Since no post-1989 copies exist, no white-and-gold seal copies exist.

This makes identifying a PAL copy, even in a small group picture, incredibly easy.    Plenty of other distinguishing characteristics can be noted in the pics below including:  the white bar at the bottom of the US label, the way that the words "Stadium Events" are on a single plane on the US copy, and the placement of the Bandai logo on the label (higher up on the US copy). 

(PAL copy left, NTSC copy right)