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NA OG buyatari has a piece of artwork he's trying to identify. Is it video game cover art, magazine spread, or something else entirely? The inquiring minds of NA want to know, and buyatari is offering $100 bounty for any information on where this artwork was used. It's our very own NA mystery!

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Originally posted by: Buyatari

Be the first person to post an image of the game box or magazine ad where this Greg Winters was 1st published in the 1990s and I'll send you a $100 gift via paypal. 

Unknown video game painting.
Done by Greg Winters who did several SNES, Sega and PS1 game covers. It is dated 96 which if correct is late for a SNES title but it sure has the layout for it. Could be anything. Could be PC. Could be a game ad. The artist said it was a video game. It is marked "Sword & Stone" which is likely a description and not a game title. It looks real familiar to me but I can just can't place it.

We first heard of Rockhart Clothing back from Too Many Games in Philly circa 2013 Portland Retro Gaming Expo in 2012! Back then, pretty sure it was just a couple of cool t-shirt designs. Since then, Rockhart has evolved into a extremely awesome video game related fashion company with a huge big line ranging from shirts, to pins, to patches. Seriously, if you haven't checked out their wares, we highly suggest it.

They recently created a thread here to show off the new NES controller overlays they made (they also helped design the Goofy Foot controller) and asked if we could share (Done!). But we wanted to make sure you guys knew about their massive selection of epicness. Link to their website below!