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As we head into December, the site is getting into the swing of things. Secret Santa sign-ups have come and gone with Thanksgiving dinner and all leftovers this past week. Now it's time to get into the turn-of-the-year cheer, for all the holidays about to hit us.

First up, the annual tradition of giving a horrible and framed poloraid has been bumped and will shortly be on it's way to a new home. Next, 
the last of the officially sanctioned NA Hats and Patches are up for grabs , making an easy gift for those of you participating in any game related gift exchanges (patches sold out!). It would appear you can pay either in $20 or 4 copies of Dragon Warrior to get one shipped. Last, if you need a place to discuss all your Santa-ing, check out this thread out from Vectrex: 2017 Secret Santa-ing Thread Ho, Ho, Ho!

Purchase NA Hats

Fresh off of the success of homebrew classics The Mad Wizard and Rise of Amondus from his epic Candelabra series, Rob Bryant of Sly Dog Studios announced just a few days ago that his new RPG, Black Box Challenge, is now available from!

After visiting a flea market, you are hit with the NES collecting bug. The only way to put the itch at ease is by collecting some games, and what better way to do that than by hitting the streets right around the area where you live?! You'll talk to people to get tips on where to find games, or perform specific tasks for them to get a prize straight from them! But before, there are those that don't care for nasty collectors, and will do anything to try and stop you!

With each game you collect, play a mini-game version of it and earn a power-up to help you advance in the game, or power yourself up. Find ways to access new parts of the game and defeat all of those that stand in the way of completing your black box set!

Can you brave the sewers in your quest? Can you overcome the heat of the desert and the unknown paths through the junkyard? Will you be able to stand the spookiness of an actual pirate ship? Find out in Black Box Challenge, a brand-new RPG for the NES, and prove to the Evil Overlord that you are a worthy collector!

  • Over 90 NPCs to interact with
  • 32 mini-games + other items
  • 45 different enemy types to wreck
  • 7 dramatic boss battles
  • Flash memory for game saves
  • 10+ hours of gameplay
The game is only $40 and is for sale right now! What are you waiting for? Click on this link RIGHT HERE and go pick up your very own copy!