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Ghoul School Development: Programmer
Scott Marshall and Artist Jesse Kapili Speak from the NES Grave!

We've got a packed issue for you this month -- don't miss it! Get it here.

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, our very own Stan Stepanic went on a mission to bring us our featured article, interviewing Scott Marshall and Jesse Kapili. Get the inside scoop on Ghoul School!

Also in this issue, learn the basics of PAL format in NGD's PAL's Corner, get the skinny on 3 vs. 5 screw games in Dain's Variation Station, get a serious reality check in Dr. Morbis' Reality Bit for Bit, learn how to disable CIC chips in Bootgod's Tech Corner, and get City Connected in The Wizard's Hidden Treasures: Revealed. Oh, and the diabolic mad-man is still on the loose!

Talk amongst yourselves...In The News!

Happy anniversary,

We thought it fitting on the first birthday of the site to announce something significant, that would be not only an exciting and fun addition to NintendoAGE, but also a serious step towards making the site more than the sum of its parts. As a forum and a database, NA has distinguished itself in its first year as the haven for top-level collectors, and a source of discussion and information for all those interested in the NES. In that time, we have teased you with glimmers of what's to come in terms of information, functionality and commerce. In two weeks, we will present the first NintendoAGE E-Zine, featuring up-to-date content provided by leading hobbyists, developers and historians, compiled monthly in electronic format.

Talk amongst yourselves...In The News!