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NWC 1990 Gold It seems as though once a year a collector surfaces long enough to sell off their NWC 1990 Gold cart (or at least post it to remind everyone who owns it, with no real intention of selling it).

$15,000 may seem like an insane price, but last year's auction by BuyAtari started at $19,999 with Best Offer. He alleges to have received offers of over $15K.

The pictures and seller appear to be legitimate, and you can partake in the watching of this historic event at the following link:

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gold
It's always amazing to me how some of the most worthless games from a gaming perspective tend to fetch outrageous amounts of money. But then again, it could be said that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I'm curious if the high bidder of the $873.04 Stadium Events (cart-only) realizes that it's nowhere nearly as rare as about 20+ games I can think of that sell for 1/10th that amount?

At any rate, I wanted to draw attention to this trend: if people say it's rare, it must be true, and therefore it must be had at any price.