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0Much to the surprise of the collector community, after our article dated 11.15.2006, a further two (count 'em, two) copies of the elusive (26 produced about a dozen known to exist so far) Gold NWC 1990 carts came up for sale on ebay, perhaps due to the buzz surrounding the previous "buy-it-now" listings at $15,000.

Both auctions met reserve with the first auction ending around $7,500 and the second ending at $5,100. Although these may seem like underwhelming sales in light of the asking price of $15,000 on the previous cart, it should be noted that neither seller accepted time payments or even credit cards... both required up-front money orders and neither seller was well known to the collecting community as a NWC owner.

As a result, its quite likely that the ending prices were deflated by the all-cash, all-now requirements and the close proximity of the auctions to each other. The $7500 sale is a record on a completed sale (as far as we're aware) and the sales do seem to suggest, in our opinion, that in the right type of sale with more generous bidding terms this may now be a five figure item.
Our fellow collector brethen Jason (NationalGameDepot) and Nick (Servicegames812) were recently featured on in an article by Stephen Totilo.

We were delightfully surprised as well when we noticed that NintendoAGE was also briefly mentioned. It is our hope that we'll be seeing a few new folks around here as excited as we are about the NES.

If you have few moments, check out the article -- it's a pretty good read, and made for a good laugh in more than a few spots. Stephen did a great job of touching on some of the things we do as collectors to entertain ourselves, which drives home the fact that some of us truly are mad!

...but, I'm still wondering, how did Jason get out of his 8 foot NES?