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Happy anniversary,

We thought it fitting on the first birthday of the site to announce something significant, that would be not only an exciting and fun addition to NintendoAGE, but also a serious step towards making the site more than the sum of its parts. As a forum and a database, NA has distinguished itself in its first year as the haven for top-level collectors, and a source of discussion and information for all those interested in the NES. In that time, we have teased you with glimmers of what's to come in terms of information, functionality and commerce. In two weeks, we will present the first NintendoAGE E-Zine, featuring up-to-date content provided by leading hobbyists, developers and historians, compiled monthly in electronic format.

Talk amongst yourselves...In The News!

Collecting, in general, can at times be a selfish hobby – we've all been guilty of it. It's when someone in the community makes a selfless contribution for everyone else's enjoyment that we should all pause a moment and say "thank you."

Basil Timmins (aka "Dr. Morbis"), in conjunction with Brian Parker of RetroZone, has recently dumped his demo version of Big Nose and the Witchdoctor (later to be renamed Big Nose Freaks Out). It is with great pride that we at NintendoAge get to pass it on to you.

Regarding this discovery, Michael Zazulak wrote:

"Who says the days of good flea market scores are over? Just a small number of years ago, Basil T., aka Dr. Morbis, of Calgary, Canada, discovered this little gem at a flea market for all of $5 Canadian. To top it off, he passed it over several times, thinking that it was simply a normal Big Nose Freaks Out cart that had its label removed at some point in the cart's life, with 'Big Nose II' written on it for identification. Just what he found was, in fact, a very unique piece of gaming history." —read more

Get the ROM here