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Brian Parker, AKA “bunnyboy” of RetroZone (, has completed work on one of the most hotly anticipated repro cartridges yet! Harnessing the NWC, or Nintendo World Championship 1990 ROM has long been a goal of reprogrammers and developers, but obstacles have stood in the way. In addition to his innovative line of development tools and NES-related products, he now proudly offers an NWC you can own for under $1,000…

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"As a gamer I wanted to make a game. As a collector I wanted to make a collectable." 

Al Bailey has recently completed work on a massive and landmark effort: Sudoku for the NES. This is the second true NES homebrew cartridge release, handmade from humble donor carts such as Othello and 10-Yard Fight, and featuring a full color label, a metal box featuring the label art, and even a chase variant gold version. For years after the "official" end of production of NES games with Sunday Funday a full decade ago, there have been "pirate" releases such as Huge Insect and countless multicarts, but no true effort to create and distribute a new game cartridge for the NES had been made. Memblers from NESdev broke the silence with "Garage Cart" in 2005, the first non-rom-exclusive homebrew, and its limited release of 20 cartridges has been hotly desired (one copy has already topped $200 at eBay). What is in the future of Sudoku, and for homebrewing for the NES in general?

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