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Zzap's newest creation is a sequel to a game he created years ago, that you may be familiar with but have probably never heard of. Interested?

Read a little background AT THIS LINK in our Brewery section.

It's available NOW at Bunnyboy's for a surprisingly low price!

Alas, the waiting is over!

We've dangled carrots and teased you all long enough... is proud to announce its first ever mid-month e-zine special, Mystery Edition.

If you love NES, you'll love what's inside, and then you'll silently hate NGD for the rest of your miserable lives (even more than you all already do -- I know I can't stand the guy!). Oh the pain of bitter envy!

This is going to make any NES collector literally sick to their stomachs, so get the buckets and paper towels ready, folks.

Brace yourselves, go get it...

...then, tell Jason how, ahem, "happy" you are for him, here!

April, 2008 Mystery Edition e-Zine