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We thought about making an April Fool's joke announcing that the site was closing, but figured a new eZine would be more entertaining :)

Featured Article:

Brian Parker of RetroZone announces a made-from-scratch port of the unforgetable old-school Mac game, Glider, originally written by John Calhoun. NGD gets the inside scoop with interviews from both Brian and John (good stuff!). Oh, and ever wonder what happened to Sara Parker's Pool Challenge? We'll tell you -- read inside.

Also in this issue:

Want to play NES on DS? I know I do, and Kevin shows us all how in his Stream of Consciousness. (editor's note: if you feel dumb that you didn't know this "secret," don't feel bad, I didn't either) Next up, Battmo gives a SHOUT-out with NA Radio -- he'll take us behind the scenes and show us what makes it all tick and why you should get ticking! In Reality: Bit for Bit, Dr. Morbis feeds our March Madness hunger by breaking down the best b-ball games to keep us going after the madness ends.

March, 2008 NintendoAge e-Zine

Now go get it you filthy animals!

...then, Discuss It!

Also in this issue: (wait, I said that already... yep, it's packed)

Our Wizrobe-in-Chief gives some savvy tips for all you small-fish resellers, and how you can make an honest buck in a sea of sharks. Jim "Quick Draw" Poleshuk takes aim at the Zapper games: which are for dudes, and which are duds. And making his NA debut, Nikki does a thorough job explaining PAL region color codes. Don't know what we're talking about? Best get readin'! Even if you're an established PAL collector (or complete newbie), this is great information.

Last, but certainly not least (I saved the best for last) Matt takes us down memory road: a small tribute to the 600+ members of our community. (this one gave me warm fuzzies)
And no, this isn't Maxim folks...

If the cover isn't enough to get you to download the newest e-zine, then perhaps what's inside will: our very own layout extraordinaire, Kevin Hanley has taken a few moments to probe the up-and-coming musical mind of Micromusic artist ComputeHer. What is Micromusic you ask? You'll find out.

Also in this issue: A Day in the Life of Battymo – ever wonder what went wrong when the powers that be created Battymo? We do, and so should you. We worry. A lot. Dr. Morbis stirs up the OCD in all of us discussing how to organize your collection; Dangevin walks us through opening our own eBay store, and Sivak unveils his newest homebrew: Siamond.

You love it, you need it, now go get it.


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March, 2008 NintendoAge e-Zine