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First Ever Price Guide for the NES!

Featured Article:

Dangevin reveals the first ever NintendoAge price guide! This isn't just a guesstimate like you might find elsewhere -- see how we collect data, crunch the numbers, and end up with a guide you can trust in your purchasing decisions.

Also in this issue:

DreamTR touches on the prototype market, why it's a niche market and how to distinguish fakes from the real deal. NationalGameDepot reveals NeSnake and Tic-Tac XO, two new homebrews you'll absolutely love. Burdger and Zzap take on reviews of Rockin' Katz and International Cricket, a game that has baffled the Americans among us (editor's note: he teaches us what Cricket is! Finally!) Dr. Morbis reveals the "lost 8 bit system" that all of us loved, that gets no love. And Limbofunk tries to sort out the mythical madness surrounding the Zelda Test Cart.

And a few other surprises...

March, 2008 NintendoAge e-Zine

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NANWC 2008: NintendoAge Nintendo World Championship 2008 Reproduction Available!

Today is a great day in that I get to announce the very first exclusive release, the 2008 NANWC. We've been working on this for exactly 8 months, to the day, and we can hardly contain our excitement!

What sets this bad boy apart from the previous NWC by RetroZone is that is has settable dip switches that mimic the original championship cart! (Oh yeah, and it's red) How cool is that?NANWC 2008!

We've made 50 copies of this game, numbered 1-50. And that's it. This is the number I agreed to almost a year ago, and while the site has grown so much since then, the fact remains that we've only got 50. This was an oversight on my part at the time. We promise, there's no hidden agenda!

The good news is that everyone will have a chance to get one, whether by paying, by winning a contest, by getting lucky or by winning an auction. I'm hoping this will set an example for future releases and give everyone that wants one multiple chances to get one.

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