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 Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 Unveiled

When NintendoAge heard that not only had Brian Parker of RetroZone gotten a hold of the Nintendo Campus Challenge cart, but was also in the process of making a reproduction out of it, we could barely contain ourselves. In fact, it was the hardest secret we've had to keep, to date!

Simply put, this issue has more information about the NCC than anywhere else previously (and maybe more information than you personally care about! Ahem, yeah right!).

In this issue:

  • Tales from a NCC finalist by PATRICK WYRICK
  • SNES wasn't the first console? by DENIZ KAHN
  • My quest for NWC by MIKE LANGENFELD
  • CES: circa 1985 by OTTO HANSEN
  • Hands-on: NCC by JASON SMITH
  • March, 2009 Price Guide
  • Member Spotlight: penguin
  • And Faegly by STAN 


March, 2009 NintendoAge e-Zine
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Also in this issue:

  • River City Ransom by JUSTIN KLINGENMEYER
  • The Chase vs. the Catch by SJOERD RUTTEN
  • "Bundling" by JONAS MCCAMMON
  • Beam Software by JAMES TODD
  • Review: Super Mario Bros. The Movie by JONATHAN PICKENS
  • Also: February, 2009 Price Guide
  • Member Spotlight: grooveraider
  • And Faegly by STAN 


February, 2009 NintendoAge e-Zine