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September 26, 2011
9/26/11 - Almost Done

For those that know what I'm talking about, Saturday, the 24th, was my 4th birthday.  Kinda weird to think that it's been that long, but I remember when I first started and a guy said that his shit happened 4 years ago...I thought that was never going to happen to me.  It's crazy.  September 24th always has me keeping busy so that I don't think about it.


Anyway, I got an insert from Tusk finished, I got the Graphic Novels finished, I'm waiting on an insert from some weird Canadian that should be here today hopefully, I finished cart construction and testing yesterday (it's the two that don't work that take so fucking long to fix), and re-printed the 2 labels that I messed up while laminating.

All I have to do is apply the front and back labels and I'm done...well, after I stick, all this shit in the boxes.  Then ship them out (gag).  Then I'm done!!  Fuckin'a.  I have a picture of the completed carts.  I guess I'll post it hold on.


September 19, 2011
9/19/11 - Manuals and Shit

I have completed the manuals.     I'll meant to post pics, but I guess I forgot to take them.  I spent a half hour trying to get it to print correctly and I came to the conclusion that the printer paper location tolerance is what the problem was.  Fuck.  They just wouldn't line up correctly and when one did, the next wouldn't.  But, they look good on the front cover.

I also printed off the campout insert.     It's pretty neat.  Thanks to Paul and the mystery artist for supplying that.

I also nastily cut my finger while cleaning the tape goo off the paper cutter.  Cutting the tip of your index finger is really irratating.  Every time I do something, it starts bleeding again.  Doesn't hurt, but I keep messing up everything.  It went deep.

Oh, and Office Depot has a "deep" stapler.  It is a must for manual making.  It's on sale online right now. 

As for the game, I've been debugging and I'm almost all the way through.  Hopefully I can burn chips this week and test without any further problems.  I am SO freaking ready to be done with this game.

September 06, 2011
9/6/11 - BAN Construction

Rather than double post, I'll just post the link:

August 30, 2011
8/30/11 - Music

Sorry I've been such a freaking slacker about updating this lately.  I've been crazy busy. 

Anyway, I "finished" the music and SFX last night.  Hopefully I won't have to add to it, but who knows.  It is fun, but it just takes so long to do anything with it.  I can't quite "see" what the music will sound like as I can with the graphics code.  I have to assemble it at each little step to hear what I've done.

But, I'm happy with it. 

Just a little more coding to go, integrate the music, and we'll have a complete game.  I'd post what I'm coding, but I want to make sure it works first.  It is something I've never done before.   

August 24, 2011
8/24/11 - Bust a Insert

I made up this insert for my release and got approval from DreamTR.  Simple but neat.   


Sould have 8-10 if everyone gets me their stuff.  It'll be awesome!