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NA Member Vectrex28 has released a new homebrew game for your NES. In this game based on an inside joke of the Discord server, you have to destroy all the Sega Saturns LastCat hid in the server! Can you destroy all the consoles and end LastCat's reign of tyranny?

Download link here -

Discussion thread
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Several decades of collecting and years of research have resulted in becoming privy to information about games and consoles that wouldn't always be expressly known by the general public. Prototypes, debugs, and all the changes games and consoles go through while being developed need to be championed as much as the final products we all grew up with and loved. This website was setup as a way of ensuring all these revisions, no matter how minute, would not be forgotten! 
In depth information about game and console development, interviews with those involved, photos of the discussed items, and all the latest episodes of The Video Game Project web series are all available in one place. The site will be constantly updated, as the man behind the curtain is none other than the NA member formerly known as Alter Egoist, and he has many more prototypes, debugs, and review samples to add is currently working on several new episodes to accompany the more "basic" well known information on the site. Check out one of the videos below!
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