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No flashy title for this one, the game speaks for itself. If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign way back in November of '14, don't fret, because Brad, aka rainwarrior here on NA, just made the rom available on his website for $10. Let's explain why you shouldn't still be here reading this and why you should go buy this game.

It's big. With no Nintendo Power to map it out for you, you're going to need to get out your graph paper again. It's got choices. You decide what route to go and when, making it a speedrunning dream. It's got secrets. We're trying to tell you about all it has to offer and we think we've only found maybe half of what is in it.

It's fun, it's kid friendly, it's tough, it's exciting. We haven't felt like this since playing games such as Mega Man, Metroid, and Super Mario back in the day when we were kids. It's a chance for adults to relive a childhood experience and for kids to see what it was like when they was no guide to such a enormous world. 

Seriously, Go Buy Lizard

Once a thread, now a website, the unorthdox Dragon Warrior collection continues! Today ushers in a new era, as NA's very own Ferris Bueller has achieved the 500 cart milestone in the race to an mega collection. In doing so, he has created a website to commemerate the achievement and to record his deeds going forth. An ode to the days of yore, this site is sure to entertain, like a jester doing impressions of the swamp hag. Follow along as he scribes his journey on the path to a 1000 copies!

To visit the Unorthodox Dragon Warrior Collection's website,