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March 05, 2013
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Originally posted by: empire

Originally posted by: Guntz

Terrible thread. This is why we can't have nice things.

At the person asking what N64 games to invest in, just buy whatever you find. You're not gonna retire on these games. Fookin' collectors...

If for some reason Jurassic Park games go through the roof, K3vbot just might.

Oh my god. I just realized why he is so obsessed with Jurassic Park! I can't believe I didn't see it before.  He is from a Bill and Ted type future where all of civilization has been shaped by one popculture phenom, only in earth's real future it isn't Bill and Ted it is Jurassic Park.

Following the success of the 4th movie the world will go into absolute Jurassic Park hysteria.  People will become obsessed with owning as much Jurassic Park merchandise as possible.  Unfortunately, there is going to be meteorite that passes earth in the year 35000 with a strong electro magnetic radiation.  This radiation is going to cause a mass extinction of JP video games, frying the boards and wiping them all clean.  Only a handful of games packed away in safes will survive this encounter and the value is going to shoot through the roof. People will sell their children just for a chance to play a copy of JP. 

Realizing this, one genius inventor will build a robot to send back in time with one objective only.  Find and collect as many copies of JP as possible to store for his future creator.  I believe K3VBOT is that robot.  The hidden clue was in his name all along.  K3V is not supposed to mean KEV it is a hidden representation of the year he came from.  We all know that K = 1000 and V is the roman numeral for 5.  So if we break it up into numbers we get 100035.  Simply add a multiplication symbol in there and we get 1000*35 which equals 35000, the same year that the meteor will destroy all copies of JP. He is not Kevbot he is instead 35000Bot!

He was never a collector at all, but instead a terminator style robot sent back from the year 35000 in order to hoard copies of what will one day become the most sought after game on the planet!