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June 11, 2010
Just a few simple updates

Just a quick note that we

- added Wii to the database. WiiWare is also in there as cart-only (for you to track if you want in the collection manager), but you have to choose it from the "" drop-down menu in the refine search menu to see it, as in:

I'm going to try and also do this for DSiWare at some point.

Also made a few changes to the collection manager:

- Rows get highlighted when you hover them
- Checkboxes for selecting a game are to the immediate left of the title instead of the far right of the row. I did this because it's (now) easier to check the game instead of having to "track" over to find the right box (my eyes aren't what they used to be!).

I'm hoping to have more changes today.

April 23, 2010
Another round of fixes and a few updates.

- Emoticons will appear in blog posts now
- "Refine Search" and "New Search" tabs were appearing when logged out (should not be appearing).
- Database search issue where last page was including records from the previous page.
- Collection Tool - Quotes in notes section should be fixed.
- Collection Tool - A new collection created via the bulk loader was defaulting to "Generic Collection" if another type was specified.
- Collection Tool - Bulk loader when selecting "Merge and Increment" on existing collections was incorrectly incrementing element types that were not selected.
- Collection Tool - Bulk loader when selecting "Merge and Increment" wasn't adding games that weren't already found; it was only incrementing existing games.
- Collection Tool - Public view box and manual rarity were swapped
- Collection Tool - If a game was sealed, you couldn't upload photos
- Collection Tool - Copying, moving and deleting from within a collection has been overhauled and fixed (hopefully! .
- Collection Tool - Choosing "Trash" when checking off games no longer auto-submits.
- Collection Tool - Added "KHG" "SIV" and "NGD" (and others) for allowing proper entry of codes.
- Collection Tool - The "Alpha" picker bar was not honoring platform, ie, when clicking on 's' and then page 2, within a platform, it wasn't going there.
- Collection Tool - Page 2 (or more) was not showing up when search results were greater than 100.
- Collection Tool - Adding images issues for items that only had manual-only or box-only.
- Collection Tool - Price/Value/Diff talleys were not working with decimals on the general display.
- Collection Tool - Price/Value/Diff talleys were not updating totals properly when only 1 or 2 of the 3 columns were activated.
- Collection Tool - "GBR" only, "Can" only and "FRA" only, on single item edit screen, wasn't saving.

New features:

- Blocking of avatars is enabled
- Blocking of cornerstones is enabled
- Latest Topics now supports up to 1000 topics (total or within a category)
- Latest Posts now supports up to 1000 posts (total or within a category)

March 04, 2010
A few fixes today...

- Editing a forum post that had quotes in the title was getting truncated upon updating at the point the quotes were located.

- (game admin) When removing images, it wasn't updating the indexed view for primary searches.

- In the collection tool, paging to page 2+ while filtered on a platform other than the default was resulting in an error.

- OpenSearch (brower search plugin) was throwing an error under certain conditions (silent error).

- Searching the forums will no longer say "Trash Bin" on the title bar (oops)  

- The default cornerstone now links to the home page.

February 11, 2010
Welcome to NintendoAge!

We've had a lot of new users lately, so I figured I would post this again:

If you're new to NintendoAge, I want to take a moment to personally welcome you to your site. NintendoAge, most often referred to as "NA" by our members, is a continual work-in-progress, built by fanatics for fanatics of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). NA is a community-driven site that allows collectors, gamers, and hobbyists to come together from around the world to discuss and share in all things NES. If you love the NES as much as we do (heck, even if you don't), we hope that you'll join in and participate in all that we have to offer, and all that you have to offer.

Join in, don't be shy! We pride ourselves on being an open and welcoming community, so instead of lurking, why not stop by our forums and introduce yourself?

Dain Anderson

February 04, 2010
Ooh, and it works with a Super 8! With sound!!

Another pic that should help to reveal one of the (not that) secret projects over at RetroZone.... still don't know what it is?