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Want List

Only interested in items 9.0/10 condition and up.  Will require pics before committing to buy.  Am willing to buy whole CIB's if you're unwilling to split a set, but prefer to purchase only what is listed.

C - Cart
I - Instructions
B - Box


10-yard Fight - CIB
Araknod - CIB w/ controller
Athletic World - CIB Family Fun Fitness variant
Balloon Fight - CIB
Baseball - CB
Bubble Bobble 2 - IB
Castlevania - B hangtab
Castlevania III - CIB w/ contest box variant and form, CIB w/o contest variations
Chubby Cherub - B
Clu Clu Land - B
Donkey Kong Jr. Math - B
Dragon Warrior - mail-away letter variant beginning w/ "Dear Subscriber", manilla mailing envelope for mail-away package
Faria - IB, mail-in map
Gradius - B
Gyromite - B big box variant w/ all parts
Legend of Zelda - IB with map, cart baggie with large round hole for box window
Little Samson - IB
M.U.S.C.L.E. - B
Mega Man - CIB round seal, CIB contest
Mega Man 2 - CIB
Metroid - B hangtab
Pinball - B
Popeye - B
Section Z - map
Stack-Up - B w/ all parts
TMNT II - CIB non-contest variant
Top Gun - B hangtab
Wild Gunman - B