Nintendo Power 283
Good lord, the last issue of Nintendo Power is on fire. Specifically, the subscriber edition with the letter inside. It's selling for 75 dollars and up on eBay! Well, I think there's now an ever more in demand issue: #283. I remember when it came out, I fucking knew this was going to happen. The subscriber edition has a letter inside announcing the end of NP's stint after 280+ issues. The last copy up, sold as a pair with the last issue, together for 180 dollars !!! I have my copy and have of course saved it. Today my co-worker sold me the rest of her subscription, a subscription I told her to get in the first place because it'd be collectible one day. Well, I now have bought out her entire set and added them to my own. I am now upto 2 sealed copies of the subscriber edition of 283 and one sealed newsstand edition. For 284, I am at 2 sealed subscriber copies, and 1 sealed newsstand. And for the final issue, I have 2 sealed subscriber copies, 1 sealed newsstand, and 1 opened newsstand (to read of course!) It's been a wild ride collecting these final issues. I also acquired a letter from Nintendo Power statting the last issue is "sold out" after an order was placed for it. The letter came from a fellow NA member who sold me his copy. Last but not least, one final piece of NP memorabilia that I consider the most unique and rarest of all: a letter from NP that is a written receipt of a refund. I'll post pics soon!!!