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About Me



The Beginning
I guess to go the actually beginning of this we have to go back about 18 years or so. The first video game that I ever played was my brothers Super Mario Bros. The first time I played, I beat the whole game. Needless to say, by the next Christmas I had my very own NES system. Over the years as a child, I wound up with about 15-20 games total. My parents couldn't afford to buy them, so I only got them when we found them cheap, or at garage sales. I have always had a passion for them, and I always wanted more of them.
I really started collecting games about 4 and half years ago. One of my friends bought some Wrestlemania tickets off Ebay and told me about how cool it was. I checked it out immediately, and joined. I bought a few random odds and ends over the first few months, and then I realized the NES potential. I started buying some of the classics that I never got as a kid, like Zelda, Excitebike, Solomon's Key, etc. I was lucky that there is a thriving game market in Knoxville. Between Game Haven's, Game Crazy's, flea markets (Thanks Chuck), garage sales, and some personal friends I had amassed a few hundred games relatively cheaply. The biggest piece of advice that I could to others collectors is to just be consistent. I would visit all the game stores at least once EVERY week, usually twice. Even with all those assets helping me collect, Ebay is still the primary place to get games, especially the rare ones.

The primary reason that I started selling on Ebay was to help fund the collection. It is extremely expensive to get all these games. For a long time my Ebay screen name was Jbsmildew. Mildew has been my nickname for years, and JBS is my initials. One of my online friends from Ebay, Carlos (Nesgamegalaxy), helped me get started and showed me some tricks of the trade. He also helped me come up with and start the NationalGameDepot. We threw out several possible names, but thought that NGD was the best. Thanks bro. Anyway, after a few weeks of listing a game or two, I started getting serious selling. I use to commonly have well over 100 auctions up, and an ever-growing feedback number. I was a PowerSeller for a few months, but couldn't keep selling that much stuff to retain it. I have worked very hard to establish the NationalGameDepot as a respected & trusted seller on Ebay. Currently, I maintain 99.8% positive feedback, with only 3 neutrals up to this date and 1 negative. I try to resolve any conflict in the best interest of both parties. I just try to treat people the way I want to be treated.

I am currently nearing the end of my NTSC NES collecting. I have all the games. I am determined to collect them all complete (with box, & manual). I am over 3/4 the way to a CIB collection now and get a few new ones all the time. I am slowly starting to collect foreign games from Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan, Brazil and Canada. I am focusing right now on HES and -CAN games at the moment. I plan to one day have a full PAL set from all region CIBS. My main reason for making this website, and for collecting is to keep the NES alive. I hate to see one of the best systems ever, just fad away. I am very excited about the recent buzz about the NES around the world. I call it the NES Revolution (how approiate that Nintendo code named there new system coming out Revoultion, you owe me Nintendo), with several of the games being re-released on the GBA, and the many of the Generation X people wanting to re-live there childhood. I hope that this site will encourage people to start or continue collecting. With the NES being over 20 years old now, this stuff is getting much harder to find, so get it while you can for cheap. One day, I would like to open my own video game store here in Knoxville. Until that day comes, the NationalGameDepot will always be around. Keep the dream alive!! ~~Jason

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