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Giant NES

National Game Depot : Nintendo NES Collection
Giant NES

Giant NES Project
This project started around July 05. Me and my friend Mumbles built this Giant NES in about 3 weeks working a few hours here and there on the weekends. It measure a whooping 8 ft long, 3ft wide, and 3ft high and weighs in around 350-400 lbs. All the dimensions are are correct to scale except the depth cause it would have simply to large to ever use. The ports, power/reset buttons and even the air vents on top are the correct size. The power button even pushes in to have a red power light!

After the NES was built, I beame lazy, and more importanly unemployed so I didn't have the cash needed to but the primter and paint supplys to finish it up. About Sept 06 I finally got it primered up, taped off and ready to get the NES is first cost of paint.

Here are a few pics after the first coat of paint. The first coat done a pretty good job, but I added 2 additional coats to ensure the NES had a nice thick coat and shine.

I finally got the first layer of tape off and begin to see what she was going to look like.

The first pic of the finish paint job. I had to re-hinge the lid and make it fit better. It is still a tad off from being perfect but this was my first wook working project. I also added 6 casters to make moving it much easier. I got the power light and extension cord hooked in this stage of develpment also.

I finally got my free logos compliments of TechJet Imaging. They were kind enough to back this project and help me out. I am very grateful for there help and time. They even sent me 2 full sets of decals so I have replacements if anything were to happen to them. Thanks!

Here are a few pics of me with the Giant NES. These images were also featured on and in a new Swedish magazine called N+.

What exactly is the Gaint NES for you ask?? It is going to be my entertainment sytem for my game room. There was talk of making it a bed, but that was to creepy even for me. I also thought about making it a funtional NES, but decided it wasn't worth the extra work cause I would never actually use it. It will house all my game systems and my TV will set on top of it.

There are also plans to build a Huge NES Controller for use as my coffee table, and maybe even a R.O.B. the Robot style chair someday!

The Gaint NES was featured on several websites, here are links to some of them. (Word Document) Part 2

There are also threads on NESworld, RFGen, DP, NESforums and Numerous other forum sites.

Here is a pic of the N+ article that was written about me from the Swedish magazine
N+ (thanks Shrimp)