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NGD's Game List

After many months of procrastination the game list is finally here! It is over 100 pages of NES goodness with no spacing. It includes all major known variants as well all test carts, Sachen info, PAL, Korea, Asia, and Brazil titles known to exist. The full version has checkable boxes so you can track you NES collection in the list. The document is only in Excel so you will need Excel to view it. If there is enough interest a .txt file may be made also.

Please let me know if there is any misinformatin, or if you have something to add or correct. I am very open to other ideas and information so feel free to contact me. The list is free for all to use and will be hosted on several sites which I will include at the bottom of this page. This site will always have the most up to date version though, so keep checking back. I will update the homepage when I update the list. Please visit for more detailed info on each game. Thanks!

The ~~NGD Game List V3.0 Download Here 27.3 MB (zipped)

Info / Printer Friendly Version Download Here 725kb

Text Version Download Here 458kb

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