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National Game Depot : Nintendo NES Collection

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Still be hammering away at boxes and manuals. Down to like 18 boxes and 19 manuals now. I start a new job on Dec. 8th so I should have more money to spend on finishing up my set soon.

I also just picked up a unreleased NES game this week, and the original box art to go along with it. More on that later on ;)......

I picked up a CIB Maxi 15 tonight, 1 less box and 1 less manual off the list :D

I snagged 3 more maps today, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1 & 2, and Ultima Warriors of Destiny. I am dow to just needing 3 maps now, they are listed with my manuals needed list. Speaking of manual I just knocked off Kid Icarus and Wayne's World from my list as well. Down to 24 manuals and 20 boxes for a fully CIB set.

After a few request for new collection pics I have finally updated them with a more current one. Still missing about 75 games I haven't put into the rotation yet but you get the idea.

Updated Pic

I also just got a HUGE chunk of items I needed. Braveheart69. I traded my spare BB Gyro for nearly half of my needed list, BIG THANKS to E for the help :D

After some long hours of searching I am down to about 45 boxes and around 46 manuals. I have a few pending deals in that I hope will reduce my #'s needed by half or so. I also picked up a seald Galactic Crusader this week, and HES Pipemania :D


Been really hammering away at manuals lately. Down to 51 right now, and I hope to reduce that by a lot in a pending trade. I am also down to less than 60 boxes.

I closed my eBay store a few days ago cause I sold most of my nicer items and eBay was feeing me to death.

I also just snagged a CIB HES Jackpot, cardboard box version as well. I just snagged another nice item as well, but I don't want to post it yet. ;)

WOW, another great freaking day. I just knocked off a Flintstones 2 box off my needed list as today. That is 3 of the big 10 in 3 day. I hope this luck continues. Special thanks to dangevin, your the man Dan!!


Today is a great day for my collection. After 3 long years of searching I finally found a Chubby Cherub Box. Yesterday I also picked up a CIB Bubble Bobble 2, so I knocked 2 huge ones off my needed list in one day. I also picked up a few others like Mission Cobra, Boulderdash, and Kings Quest V. Finally making some good progress now.

I picked up a few more boxes I needed today, nabbed a Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat, and a Silent Assualt. On top of those I picked up a few variant boxes and an upgrade box, all from discountgames for reasonable prices. Hopefully I will dip below 50 boxes needed soon.....

8-11-07 DVD Review
Classic Game Room
The rise and fall of the Internet's greatest video game review show

COMING SOON!! 8-28-07

I got a sneak peek at this new DVD from Inecom Entertainment. This is a documentary style DVD that chronicles the internets first video game review show. The show was live in 1999 and 2000 and reviewed several popular games encompassing numerous game systems from Atarti 2600, NES, Genesis all the way up to Dreamcast and Playstation. It stars Mark Bussler and David Crosson who started the show as a business in hopes of making it rich.

The show centers around games but also has a fair bit of wise cracks, cursing, babes, and beer. Considering the technology of the time the shows looks surprisingly good in DVD format, even the blue screen back grounds aren't bad. The hosts have a good on air chemisty even while they bust each others balls a bit, and they tend to grow on you the more you watch. The reviews are pretty dead on, and not just some random cursing like the Angry Video Game Nerd of today, although the show has its fair share of foul language it fits the format pretty well and isn't excessive except when it is meant to be for comedic sake. I found some of the reviews to be a bit on the long side, so unless you are a core classic gamer you might get a bit bored at points. Some of the parody skits like "People Hunt" however are priceless in my opinion, especially with the onslaught of Dick Cheney's hunting experences of the last few years. I nearly busted a gut laughing at a few of the skits.

The DVD includes the standard bonus features that almost all DVD's have including commentary, trailers, blogs, and even a bonus review. I had a feeling of nostalgia when watching the show because it reminded me of the early days of the internet, plus they have a squirrel that gives some menacing looks as well. Overall I would say the DVD is worth picking up if your a classic gamer, especially if you enjoy reviews. My only complaint is that it is a bit long in spots and gets a bit repeatative. It is entertaining and will at least provide a few good laugh for you.

Classic Game Room website HERE

Well I am back from Las Vegas and CGE. I had a great time and plan to attend next year already. Was very cool to meet a lot of the fellow forum members and pick up some nice scores along the way. I nabbed several more boxes, some manuals and a bunch of Hong Kong stuff so it was well worth the trip.

Also make sure to check out the site again in the coming days. I will have some pics of my new scores and a review for an classic website that is coming out on DVD at the end of this month. I managed to get my hands on an early copy and will write a review up for it. ~~NGD

I am leaving for CGE in Las Vegas tonight, should be a great trip and I will finally get to meet some of my long time online buddies! Can't wait!! I will be away from my email as well, so keep that in mind.

I have picked up a few more boxes here and there that I needed including GI Joe, Wild Gunman, Godzilla 2, Sesame Street Countdown (sealed) and a few others. At current count I need about 60 boxes and about 170 manuals. I hope CGE will knock that down a bit more as well :D Stayed tuned for some Expo pics when I get back.

Done a bit of house cleaning today around here. I moved all the posts from Jan-Aug. into the News Archive section, so check in there if you want to read any of my previous updates. I have also removed several .gifs to increase the load time for some. All my Needed Lists will be up to date by evenings end as well.

You will also notice I added a few ads at the top of each page. They are from google ADsense, which pays you per click. So feel free to click them a few times if your bored. I pay for the upgrade package here on zoomshare, so I am in hopes that the ads will pay those small fees. If they don't, then they will be gone in a month or 3.

Just picked up a CIB Sachen title, Master Chu for the box and manuals off ebay from fuzzyrum. Still need about 5-6 more Sachen boxes though :( I also just picked up 2 more CIB off ebay, Archon, and Terminator. Ever closer...

I just picked up the first unlicensed NES release for the NES in like 10 years. Al Bailey from nesworld created Sudoku a while back. He teamed up with Bunnyboy over at and made the first homebrew in cart form with all NEW components. No donor carts were harmed in the making of the new game. Very cool project and I suggest everyone pick one up, cause they will sale out fast.

For those who don't already know I recently opened a Store on eBay, here is a LINK. Feel free to browse around and buy some stuff :D Gotta pay for CGE somehow!



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I started selling on Ebay to help pay for this expensive habit. I have over 1200 transactions in all with over 700 positive feedback. I have been a trusted PowerSeller, but lost that status because of laziness. Also, check out my About Image page.

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