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The Daily Find 9/16/11.

So today I had to come back to work, I am usually off in the afternoon on Friday's, but I did get to take a long lunch break.  Since I had the extra time, used it to got by the local pawn's and a used furniture store that happens to sell a bunch of misc. things including video games.  The advantage and disadvantage to that place is all video games are marked at $3, no matter the system, no matter the title.  Would be nice to buy some of the sports titles to fill holes, but no way at $3 each.  Well, here is what I came away with today:

@ the Used Furniture store

Out of this World, SNES loose cart, $3

Out of 3 pawn's in town, only one had something I needed:

Mark Davis' The Fishing Master, SNES loose cart, $1

Beavis and Butthead, SNES loose cart, $1

Barkley Shut up and Jam, SNES loose cart, $1

Athletic World (power pad version), NES loose cart, $1

Not bad at all for $7.  Knocked off 5 games between 2 of my collections.  Very happy with the prices and the condition of the games.  Actually looking forward to playing Beavis and Butthead for the 1st time.

Well nothing else new to report, enjoy your hunt.



September 15, 2011
The Daily Find 9/15/11.

I don't know what you guys do on your lunch break, but I break milestones!  Today was a pretty good stop at a local game store, Game City.  They carry a very limited amount of retro stuff, but what they do carry tends to be pretty reasonable price wise. 

After the Midwest Meet and me cleaning up in Indy game hunting ( I came away with 69 new titles for snes), I had hit 398 unique snes titles for my collection.  I had ordered a few snes games from yesterday, but I could not wait for them to come in to hit that 400 game milestone mark, and my 10 minute stop paid off.

The owner of the store is pretty easy going, and usually will cut a break on stuff that has sat around, well this Doom cart on SNES had been in the case for a few weeks at $9.99, I showed interest in it, but did not want to pay that price, I was really surprised what he gave it to me for.  Well, here's the loot:

Goal!, SNES cart only $.99

Ken Griffy Jr. Winning Run, SNES cart only $.99

Chuck Rock, SNES cart only $.99 (had it priced at $1.99, but front label had blockbuster sticker covering it, offered a $1 and he accepted.  Cart cleaned up real nice too.

Doom, SNES cart only $5 (from $9.99)

And the last piece I picked up was for my Xbox collection:

IHRA Drag Racing Sportsman Edition, CIB $4.99 (surprsingly hard to find)

Well that's it, nothing real special besides breaking the 400 mark on snes titles.

Happy Huntin'



September 01, 2011
The Daily Find 9/1/11.

So on my lunch break today decided to stop by a local game store, Game City, they from time to time get older games in, I happend to hit it just right, they just got a stack of SNES games in along with a system, was able to pick up a few titles I needed real cheap as well as pick up a hard to find title for smeagolsama I already had.  Well here's the break down:

Hal's Hole in One Golf, Cart/Box $.99

Madden 98', Cart/Box $.99

Boxing Legends of the Ring, Cart $.99

Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge, Cart $.99

Kawaskaki Superbike Challenge, Cart $.99

And also picked this one up for Chris (smeagolsama)

Micro Machines, Cart $3.99

Not too bad of a price on Micro Machines considering the new price guide has it at $19 and it's an R5 in rarity.  I had already picked myself up a copy earlier this year locally for around the same price, so this one has Chris's name all over it.  We try to help eachother out with our collections when we can.  This is a start to offset the Weapon Lord, Peace Keepers, and Hagane he just gave me last week.  Hope I can find more steller deals for us.

The other games I picked up are nothing special, but at $.99 a pop, how could you go wrong when you don't already have them.

Well nothing else new to report for the time being.

Happy Hunting!



July 25, 2011
The Daily Find 7/25/11.

Well, went to the next town over about 30 miles from home since I seen someone post an ad on craigslist for their new flea market and had tons of snes titles.  Figured it was worth a shot.  I did happen to find a couple things there, but we'll get to that later, lets start in order:

My first pickup of the day was at a place called Slacker's which as a rule is overpriced with a less than knowledgeable sales staff.  Popular games like Super Castlevania IV was $30 for a loose cart for example.  Sometimes you find gems that are either miss tagged or they just have no idea of the value.  It wasn't a great haul by any means, but solid:

Spike Mcfang $10

Realm w/booklet $5

My next stop was at a pawn shop I usually don't stop in because of their pricing, I watch someone purchase a loose SMB 3 cart for $25 in there.  They usually have nice stuff, but usually not worth the money they are asking.  Well I had some extra time so I gave it a shot, and it turned out to be my find of the day.  It was buried under a pile of other nes carts with a minty sqoon in from of it for $20, I was amazed at the price:

Fire & Ice $10

Blackthorne $5

Rocky Rodent $3

Xcaliber 2097 $3

Next up is the flea market advertising the snes titles.  They had some good stuff, but it was mostly at market value and im all about a deal in the wild.  They had a Mario RPG for $30, and Kirby Superstar for $30, but way more than I want to pay at least just yet.  Here is what I came away with:

Street Racer $4

Power Ranger Racer $3

Also picked up a few Atari 2600 titles for my younger brother here, very mint carts including Alien and Porky's.  Cool little store, will be back to visit again.

Last was my stop over to smeagol's house, he always has something cool for me:

Actually had a chance to play this last night, lots of fun.

Well that's it for me for now.  If someone acutally reads this, give me a message, just curious if I am giving something for someone to read or just documenting my finds in my own little way.  Might come up with some sort of little prize for the 1st person to respond to this.

Happy Hunting.


July 19, 2011
The Daily Find 7/19/11.

Been a busy couple of weeks updating my gameroom with new shelves, and making more floor space so we can eventually put some furniture in you can actually sit on and relax.  It's still a small room so we will have to come up with a fairly small chair, but I am leaning on putting in a smaller love seat.  You can check out pics here:

Also have been adding quite a few SNES and NES items to the collection, done some trading/buying from members here, picked up a few items locally in the wild, and made an online purchase from Well let's take a look:

So this was my 1st pickup of the week.  Got these in a trade from gameboyscotty here on NA.  for anybody who has yet to deal with Scotty, he is aces, real nice guy to deal with.  I am overall very happy with these, boogerman is a bit rough, but nothing that I will blink an eye at.  Thanks again Scotty.

Next up is the purchase.  I have been eyeballing the Mr. Nutz for a while, but hated to pick it by itself.  Finally a couple other items where added to inventory I wanted.  Here's the breakdown:

Mr. Nutz, SNES $9.95

Ren & Stimpy Buckeroos, NES $8.95

Johnny Bazookatone, PS1, Complete $9.95

These items came from a local game store, CD Tradepost.  Picked all this up for $10.00 plus tax. 

And finally, this is stuff Chris (smeagol) picked up locally for me in the wild.  Love when he goes game shopping, always finds me good stuff.  Thanks as always man.

Well that's it for now, but Im sure more to come very soon. 

Happy Huntin'