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ulasamosa (280)

(James Ulizza)

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NIB Turbo Blasters!? NIB Turbo Blasters!?
Even more MVS? Even more MVS?
November 17, 2014
To paper or not to paper, the age old question....

Since the dawn of my collecting days something has turned me away from collecting boxes and manuals with my games.  Not all games, only Nintendo.  Nintendo paper is alot of times worth well over its weight in gold.....literally.  This is a ridiculous fact. Currently my collection spans thousands of games across 20+ different platforms and everything expect my Nintendo stuff is CIB.  I've felt this way even when Nintendo paper was going for abotu 25% of what it is now.  The last time I really sat and thought about it Little Samsom CIB was about $350.  Due to a fortuitous turn of events I end up with a fairly large SNES lot with some great condition paper along with some amazing titles.  Here, have a looksee....

So alot of these games I had a child and/or are some of my absolute favorites, especially EVO.  Now I have the burning desire to complete all my loose SNES carts, which of course are all RPGs and exnsive popular stuff.  And I have decided to go complete set CIB N64.  Its just odd how when something like this comes across, it instantly changes your perspective on your collection and all previous thought of "too expensive, no point, to much challenge" are just tossed out the window.  This happen to anyone else?

October 11, 2012
You know its a good day when.....

You get a nice copy of F2 for almost 25% less then the going rate of a Liuttle Samson!!

Thanks to an awesome member here, 6K,  that hooked me up with a great price I know have an F2.  SE if the only rare I need with only about 30 total carts more (all uncommon sub $20 games) for a licensed set!  The home stretch!!!

October 09, 2012
Don't you hate it when......

There is nothing I hate (well you'll see what I mean) more then going into a retro store looking for games to add to your NES collection and them not having anything you need.  I visit this Exchange (franchise chain about 1-2 times a week, and have for the last 3-4 years.  I have gotten a total of maybe 20 games from there I needed for my NES collection.  It gets rough going past 650 carts (668 currently).  Anywhos, on my most recent trip Im flipping thru the SNES section and notice this copy of Megaman X3.  Now under any other normal circumstance I'd be happy to see this, especially this copy as its super mint, but seeing it pissed me off.  I don't have the game in my collection anymore, sold it a long time ago (stupid I know).  This became one of those scenarios where I didn't want to spend $100, I wasn't planning on buying any SNES games, and frankly I didnt really have an extra $100 to blow.  When you see a super minty copy staring at you within your grasp for $20-$40 less then its selling for on ebay in crappier condition, you gotta buckle down and buy it.  Am I happy about having a super minty X3 back in my collection? yes.  Am I happy about the fact I had to spend money I wasnt planning on to acquire it, not in the least.  Funny that if it was an NES game I needed that was super rare and minty I'd have been more ok with it lol.  Im a hippocrit.  If anyone else like this or am I just crazy.  Like you don't want to buy things other then what your focusing on at the time.  Ridiculous.

May 20, 2012
So I decided to treat myself a little....DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!

So yea, wih the recent price hike of most popular NES titles I decided it was probably just a good time to splurge and knock out the majority of the other rares I needed before they became even more expensive.  I pikced up all of these in the past month or so.  I have the rest of the rares except Zombie Nation, Flintstones 2, and SE so I was ok with paying the prices I did on these compared to what they are going for now...

Bubble Bobble 2 - $162 - ebay
Bonk - $125 - NA member*
Little Samson - $300 - NA member*
Wayne's World - $40 - NA member*
Panic Restaraunt - $201 ebay (still mad I bid that high >< )
Snow Bros. - $70 + trade - NA member*
DW 4 - $35 - local retro shop
Fire N Ice - $75 - NA member*

* don't want to disclose individual seller identities as I find that to be unprofessional

So yea, F2 and SE, I'm coming for ya....F2 sooner then later but SE will have to be last.  I plan on a full set so I've got a ton of mid range UNL stuff to gran as well. Wish me Luck!

December 17, 2010
I stormed the Pyramid on Menace Beach that was guarded by the Contra Force

So I walked in to my Play N Trade to visit my buddy (the owner), which I do about 2 times a week.  I walk up to the counter and say hey and he says to me....

Dan: "Glad your here, I got something for you."
Me: "Oh cool what is that?"
Dan: "blue game"
Me: "blue game wtf?"
Dan: "black game too"

He tosses me Menace Beach and Pyramid but makes no mention of price yet...

Dan: "oh and something on your wish list was traded in too"
Me: "awesome"

He hands me a brown box taped up lol, I rip it open and Contra Force is in there.

Dan: "Merry Christmas, no charge"
Me: speechless
Dan: "$30 for the other 2"

Menace Beach is marked $79.99 and Pyramid $14.99

Me: " I love you"

lulz.  Today was a good day.  I never find unlicensed games in the wild so this was a big suprise.  He had Wally bear and Dudes With Attitudes er w/e.  Both labels were beat to shit tho. Oh well, this enough will keep me happy a good long while.