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October 15, 2012
still playing through Mega Man 3..

and the plasma gun is pretty good against everything except needle man gemini man and shadow man (or at least I can kill the others with just the plasma gun) 

now I'm stuck on the reborn megaman 2 bosses.. they don't have a lot of weakness to anything it seems.. I'll have to experiment on them a bit more  I forgot what weapons do what.  I only have 5 E tanks and I like to save every single one of those for the wily stages just in case.

October 15, 2012
today's games Golgo 13 and Pocket Bomberman

Golgo 13:  I see. Well, I'll give it a try. the game is pretty linear, you just go back and forth it seems. made to chapter 5 the jumping is really clunky but the shooting stages are kinda fun.   the flying bit where you're going to the tv tower is a little annoying because the hit box is larger than the helicopter sprite. hmmm.. according to the intro it looks like the statue of liberty emits a force field that destroys helicopters, neat! played about 20 minutes

Pocket Bomberman:  hey the intro music begins kinda like Zelda 2! NOOOO!  there's a STORY? this is bomberman the only story it needs is "Blow Stuff up!"  what's a jump game?   I'll try it..ok.. you constantly jump like you've got a broken turbo controller.  regular mode.  not too much better plus the upgrades seem to be bretty useless after the first bomb upgrade and first blast upgrade  any more seems to just get me killed faster than help.  play time 20 minutes

October 14, 2012
today's games Tecmo NBA Basketball and Q-bert (gameboy)

Tecmo NBA Basketball : really good graphics for the NES.  has a lot of flicker though and is pretty chaotic. for some reason almost every time I try for a 3 point shot I get called for travelling?  are the refs paid off?  ....  if you hold the A button down you can make a player dance and it confuses the computer player that's guarding you.  I don't really care for sports games but tis one is strangely interesting. the quarters are actually 12 minutes and the clock does stop when the ball isn't in play so it would take about an hour to play a game.. sorry  I'm not THAT interested in the game. play time 12 minutes  (by the game clock)

q-bert (gameboy) my favorite version of Q-bert..  it's a lot easier than the original but the variety of levels is what makes this one good. and the controls are nice and fluid (once you take them off the stupid 90 degree controls) got to stage 4.1 before I died from my continue. and this game even has q-bert the movie (kinda like the pac-man intermissions except on a little isometric island with a little palm tree(that looks like it was later used in sonic 3d ) playtime 30 minutes.

October 13, 2012
today's games Code Name Viper and Mega Man 3

Code name viper  seemed pretty dull to me   just wait for the enemies to get into a position to shoot them and advance a little at a time  maybe it's because I was doing easy as I'm not very good at contr type games.. it reminded me a little of Crossfire which is a much better game IMO.  everything in the first level here was pretty flat. play time 10 minutes

Mega Man 3  I love this game   and I've probably have beaten it 10 times.. but I don't remember who kills who anymore. but I went ahead and beat Magnet man and Snake man with the plasma gun. I paused the game and am going to play a bit more tomorrow before I get a password. playtime 30 minutes

October 13, 2012
yesterday's games Metroid Prime and Ultima 4 Quest of the avatar.

a little late   but I played these games yesterday

Ultima 4    I basically wandered around aimlessly because I resumed a saved game and don't know where I should be..  maybe it's time to start over  I took a moongate to Mysidia looked all over for the token got poisoned, took a moongate to Skara brae got cured,upgraded to chainmail, wandered around looking for that city's token, and then just fought random battles for a while.. not much accomplished  as the game is a bit TOO open ended. played about 30 minutes

Metroid Prime.  figured I'd start a new game since it's been a while (like 8 years) since I've played this. impression this time around, Samus moves too darn slow. maybe I'm missing the 'run' button or something? and I could have sworn you could dash sideways when you were locked on to an enemy.  I think I'll have to completely re-learn how to play the game.  just got throught he intro section and onto the planet. I remember this one looking better than it does, it still looks good it's just that some of the stuff is just a little too indistinct and hard to see  I don't think anything 3d ages well at all. and this is starting to show its age. played about 30 minutes.