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November 09, 2010
The latest additions!

I forgot to add, I picked up 4 more Famicom Disk System games from hit-japan last night.  They're all brand new and sticker sealed.  They are:

Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami (Light Myth: Paltena's Mirror a.k.a. Kid Icarus in English)
Smash PinPon (Smash Ping Pong)

I also put in an offer on the Super Famicom classic RPG, Chrono Trigger.  I ended up getting it brand new for $58 shipped.  Very happy with this one. 

So the Chrono Trigger might fit in with the collecting goals I previously ranted on about, but how do the FDS games fit?  Well, they don't   .  To be honest, collecting these games has always been mildly impulsive.  I don't plan to pursue the collection any further, I think.  I'll pick up RPG's from Japan when I have the spare cash, but I think that's the limit of what I'll get.

So what's next?  Here's the short list for collecting:

1. Final Fantasy XIV (sealed Walmart edition)
2. Final Fantasy V (new, Japan)
3. Final Fantasy VI (new, Japan)
4. Final Fantasy XIV Japanese novel (coming out in Dec.)
5. Dragon Quest 1 (new, Japan)

November 09, 2010
Collection start?

Well, I'm finally at a place I like in my collection.  I finally have an idea of what kind of goals I want to pursue.  It really took a long time to let go of the extraneous ideals.  When I first joined NA, I had no idea what to expect.  A friend in high school had collected NES carts, and when I picked up the hobby for myself several years later, it was really just to fill a void left by comic books (long story on why I gave that one up).  I joined NA after visiting NGD's site to get a collection list (thanks duder!), and the people here really seemed to have a passion for the hobby.  That was something I wanted to be a part of.  They had just finished with the selloff of the NintendoAge version of the Nintendo World Championship carts, and I was jealous.  I thought to myself, "Damn, if only I'd gotten into this a bit sooner."  Well, that initial reaction determined the way I collected for a long time, whether I realized it or not.  In fact, it's determined the way I've approached a lot of collections I've had over the years.  I always felt like I'm trying to play catch-up with those who have bigger or fancier collections.  It led to a lot of rabbit-trails in my video-game collecting, without any real purpose behind them.  They just seemed interesting or cool, and so I pursued them. 

Well, that started to change at some point or another.  I'm not honestly sure when.  I started to feel like I was drowning in a sea of collectibles and games I neither wanted to play nor really even just have take up room on my shelves.  So I started to let go of stuff.  Sometimes I sold stuff off for some extra cash to put toward other purchases, but in the end I still lacked a lot of direction on what to keep and what to push out the door.  I even felt like I should just sell it all off and start from scratch, but that feeling didn't last too long (thankfully).  Now I think I've found what I really enjoy.

I've been a Square fanboy since my senior year of high school.  I never owned a Nintendo as a kid, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I started getting game systems.  I had picked up Final Fantasy 1 for the NES at some point, and played through about a quarter of the game.  I thought it was a bit dull.  My senior year of high school, I bought one of the small PSOne's and a copy of Final Fantasy VII.  That game totally blew me away.  I was pretty well captivated by it.  Great story, visuals like I hadn't seen before, so on and so forth.  It's the same story a lot of people who were introduced to the FF story through VII will tell you.  I've kept with FF off and on through the years.  I never played VIII, IX, and barely touched X and X-2.  It wasn't until XI that I jumped back on the FF bandwagon, but boy did I fall heavy for that one.  XI was the first online FF game.  I played Final Fantasy XI Online for 4 years (almost to the day).  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.  I played through and beat the original storyline and the first two expansions, Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia.  Epic stories that I'll never forget. 

This is all fine and dandy, but what's it got to do with collecting?  Well, I've decided to go back and collect (and play!) the classic RPG's that I never had the opportunity to enjoy as a kid.  Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior/Quest, etc.  Sure, I've dabbled in some of them from time to time as an adult, but I never really pursued them seriously, other than an idle fanboyishness here and there.  I've decided to change that.  As time and money permit, I'm going to pick back up these games and start playing through them, while at the same time picking up the nicest copies I can find/afford.  Eventually, I'd like to get some sealed copies of a lot of these originals, but that will have to wait for a time when I have a lot more disposable income.  Classic RPG's tend to be big bucks sealed.

I've already started my collection, somewhat.  This last September, Final Fantasy XIV was released worldwide.  I picked up the Collector's Edition and have been playing steadily for the past 2 months.  It's rekindled a lot of my RPG passion, and I'm looking forward to spending the next couple of years working through the game.  I've also picked up a second copy of the Collector's Edition and have mailed it into VGA to be graded (I'm expecting about an 80 on it, as the wrap could have been a bit better.  That's what I get for waiting 3 weeks to pick up another copy!!).  Along with that shipment, I sent off my new copy of Final Fantasy IV that I picked up from hit-japan on ebay, and the Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge that I had bought from dov last year.  I should be getting the two FF's back early December and the Mega Man back in January.  I'm very excited for the two FF's.

So what do I intend to use this blog for?  Well, for one I'm going to muse about my doings of FFXIV.  Goals, quests that were fun, achievements in game, etc.  Additionally, I intend to track my collecting from here on out.  Things I'd like to get, games I've picked up, etc.  So here and now, this is my true collection start!