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December 27, 2008
Boxes And CIBS

Got some stuff from tusk today

Got a Galaxy 5000 box, Jurrasic Park Box, Ganghis Knah box and a Spiderman box

I also got the following CIBS

Pinball (black box) Kung Fu Heroes, Solar Jetman And Yoshi!!

Also got 10 box protectors, try to figuir them out hahaha

Thanks Vince! You Rule!!!

December 23, 2008
Metal Gear

Not Much Happened Today in the world of NES collecting.
All I got today was a Metal gear from Canada. Paid 4.04 shipped. thought it was a pretty good price. still looking for those manuals that are under the Buy/Sell!
If anybody has any of those just give me a PM~
Thanks for reading!