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August 22, 2011
For the newer guys that wonder who I am, and why I have so many posts, yet I'm so quiet and don't say much... A bit about me, and a warning to new collectors with deep pockets.

My name is Matt...I've been researching video games since 2001 and collecting since 2002.  I'm not a high-roller, like some of the other guys here (some might say otherwise, as I was once in a Poll-of-the-Day for who the biggest spender was at the time, and received a scant few votes).  In fact, I don't even collect NES (though I did, from March 24, 2007 to January 15, 2010, amassing very nearly 700 different games, including Stadium Events, and Flintstones 2, and over 150 additional variants of games, in addition to a very nice collection of imported NES games, not the least of which was a boxed Brazilian Flintstones 2).  Nowadays, I collect RPGs and some other fun games, which is what I collected originally, plus the occasional rarity.  My contributions to the video game community are not as much as, say, Dain Anderson (the owner here), or Joe Santulli (the owner of Digital Press and currently trying to found a museum dedicated to video games), or even Jason Wilson (AKA DreamTR, who has brought many an unreleased proto to light over the past 8 to 10 years).  My contributions lie in the results of my years of research, including noting observations of collecting trends, the first real attempt at a true NES CIB price guide and compendium ( ; also covers factory-sealed games and imports), and the first official strategy guide rarity list (albeit SNES-exclusive; ).  I do not ask for praise or should direct that to God.  Instead, all I ask is that you respect the community aspect of collecting.  Also, do not overinvest your money into these games, as with Atari 2600 stuff, the bottom will fall out of the NES market at some point (a CIB Super Mario Bros. sold for $7500 just today (3-4-12) its condition, and slabbed, it's worth maybe $200-$250 tops).  In return, I offer my research to all inquisitive minds.  If you want to know how much something game-related is worth, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer   .

April 07, 2011
The world's greatest video game store...Blasted Machines Tech Shop!

So after a couple years of messing around with trade lists in forums, and after stopping my quest for a NES full CIB set, I decided I'd take a much different direction.  Three years ago, I registered, in hopes of turning it into a web store from which one would be able to purchase my spare items directly from me.  The time has come.  The site is 60% complete, and many items are already able to be purchased.  The site isn't NES-centric, however, as though I do have a ton of NES games (some 300 of which are listed, with another couple hundred to go), I also have a large selection of Atari 2600, SNES, N64, PS1, and PS2 games, with minor selections of games from other systems, from obscure systems such as the Odyssey and Odyssey 2 all the way up to the newest systems (PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and such as that).  Also, for the strategy guide collectors, a dedicated section for strategy guides is up and running as well, with about 10-15 guides listed and another 30-50 yet to list.  Prices are intentionally cheaper than most other venues, and in some cases even cheaper than most forums, as I'm not a thief...I'm here to make sure you get what you want at the best price possible.  Blasted Machines Tech Shop...making your virtual dreams become reality.

Find it at .

Also like Blasted Machines Tech Shop on Facebook -- .