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May 30, 2008
New Stuff...

I would like to thank Harold for being so kind!

Things of beauty. Will be adding the more pics when I receive the rest of the test stuff!!

Take care and comb your hair.


January 24, 2008
Good mail day today!! Also added: pics of collection.

Excited to see the mailman.

All in minty goodness!!

Thanks to burdger, parpunk and that dude from eGay.

Check out pictures of my collection. These are a work in progress too!! Also, stop by my 'Want List' thread to see if you've got anything I need.


January 23, 2008
JJ pictures up.

Scroll down kids.


January 21, 2008
Mario's Left Nut Site!!!

Mario's Left Nut Blog Site!!!!!

"Work in Progress"

01/21/08 - First attempt at creating something like this on the Internet. Messing around with the new functions and going to be trying new things until something I like comes out of it.

Game Contest has begun. I've found out that I suck at Pac-Man. I even died on the first board, twice.

01/23/08 - Took some pictures of the JJ's. Enjoy!

This is where I work. Good times. Come visit.