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avatar albailey (55)

(Al Bailey)

September 15, 2014
Dungeon crawler

When I was a kid, I remember playing "Gateway to Asphai".   

I really want to play this style of game on the NES.  So I wanted to create something in this style.

Basically, what made those games so replayable was that the levels were randomly generated.   Every game was a different challenge.

A while back I tried protoyping an algorithm to do this.   In early September I tried implementing it on the NES.
It didn't go well.   My algorithm relied on recursion, and I quickly overwhelmed the NES stack.
I semi-cheated  and created a side-stack.  Using that, I am able to auto-generate the level.
My algorithm is "rogue-like"  but not really.  Its very grid oriented and not every room can be accessed.  However if a room is not accessable, its empty anyways.
There is always a route to travel from the stairs-up to the stairs-down.

I also added clipping so I could walk around the level and once I hit stairs, it generated the next level.

I quickly realized I need to add "fog"  or in other words, a way to not see the entire level.  I need to only expose a room once I enter it.
I've started doing that.  One positive that has come out of this activity is that I discovered that a huge portion of memory I was hogging, I probably don't even need.

I don't know what to call the game.  I'll worry about that once it actually becomes something thats worth playing.

July 25, 2013
One year later

After converting hecklifter to C, a year later its not really any further along.
This week I attempted to add "doors" so that the player can travel from one level or region to another.
This exposed several wrong assumptions in the level loading code.  I plan to work out those issues so that the development can continue further.
On the plus side, different object type interactions (solid, air, door)  and player modes (jumping, falling, walking, etc..) seem to be working properly.

June 26, 2012
Working on homebrew

A while back I started trying to convert hecklifter code from ASM to C.   Oddly enough it is not going as quickly as I'd hoped.
I am quite familiar with both CA65 ASM syntax as well as conventional C, but getting ASM addresses into a syntax that the C code accepts is a bit annoying, so I sometimes cheap out and make an ASM library to use instead.

Currently it just shows the cut scenes, color fading, text animation and not much else.   With vacation time coming, maybe I'll have a couple of evenings available to really put in some work.

May 04, 2011
Nintendo LEGO Column is Finished

The LEGO Nintendo column is finally done.  I made Koopa-Mario last summer by itself, and later Bowser on Halloween, and since then its been a constant quest for blue legos.  The kids will be happy, since I'm no longer raiding their toy chest.

Above are the four corner angles.  It stretches from the mouldings on the column all the way to the ceiling.