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October 28, 2014
final 20 countdown for SNES starts now...and its a doozy!

saw this on Facebook of all places, had a nice chat with the owner, got him to join NA, and we made a transaction! thanks b2™

July 26, 2013
last N64 cart! ive got worms!

thats all folks! finished with N64 cart only collection! time to get on that SNES

July 25, 2013
#3 is Starcraft 64, #2 is Bomberman 54 Second Attack!

Bomberman has a blockbuster sticker on it. should i risk taking it off with my "heat and feet" technique?

July 25, 2013
#5 is Stunt Racer, #4 is Snowboard Kids 2

more ebay snipes

July 16, 2013
#6 isnt even rare or expensive