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1990 capcom ces page
1990 capcom ces page
1990 capcom ces page
October 11, 2010
Starting a new collection, recording all my findings here.

Well,  as my NES collection has been filling out, I wanted something else to start looking for.  Something that will be challenging, and will be fun as well.  So after finding my first CIB GB game in the wild, i've decided to try my hand at original Gameboy CIB.  It will be a very slow road, 511 games and all the boxes a challenge to find, but I think it will be a lot of fun.  Picked up Wordtris CIB yesterday at Play N Trade for $4.  This is about all I have so far, most of them being GBA/GBC games, but im going to strickly try and stick to original GB.  I'm gonna try and make it a goal to not spend more than $5 on an GB game CIB, and see how big of a collection I can put together.  Stay tuned as I catalog my experiences!