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November 22, 2016
NESking's reviews: TMNT tournament fighters (SNES)

i have wanted to make a log for reviewing games, so i thaught that id start with a game ive been playing alot recently, teenage mutant ninja turtles touniment fighters for snes. overall its a good game, but it does have some flaws. its pretty much your standard fighting game, it plays as you would expect, and it has alot of people to fight as, and is fun. but when you play the game for awile you realize how unfare it is. so a couple of hours ago i was playing it and i was going to fight shredder as donentello, so when i started the fight i got my butt handed to me, so i tryed and tryed and tryed and i finaly beat him but he is very unforgiving if you screw up once your dead! for example he backed me into a corner and knocked me in the air and when i hit the ground he hit me again. so after i beat him, i just asumed that he was so hard because he was shredder, the main villan in tmnt, and thats why he was so hard, but then a little while latter i faught the rat king, and he beat me over, and over, and over again. the i got to the kauri and she kicked my ass and then i just gave up and shut off my snes. this is a fun game, but this game is very unfair.