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December 31, 2012
New restoration project I'm starting up! Also, framed art!

Getting into restoring old or hard to find art-- Ideally and preferably super duper rare "textless" art from video games.

One project I'm starting up is the back ground cover art for Super Mario Deluxe. The only art availible right now is high rez scans of the cover (Including the text... example: ), and these images:

These are the only sizes availible at the moment. I've made a thread asking for one in higher resoultion, yet nobody has seen any in a higher format.

So after over a year, I finally opened up my Photoshop and started working on restoring it to a better sized image:

Process has been easy if not great, but the bad thing is, it's taking FOREVER. This has to be one of the most longest projects I have ever done.
So far, I've got most of the outlining and coloring done. The hills need some adjusting, but overall, the image is turning out great!

Which brings me to my next project/idea I got going: Framing these images I'm restoring to share and to display in game rooms. Pretty cool, eh? This will be later down the road.
As of now, I have 2 "textless" images I restored and put into frames. One is Castlevania, and the other is the Mario 3 one I did from my first blog:

These are only a demo to start off later down the road. They're only 8 x 11 and printed with a regular HP printer, but still look pretty good.  After I complete the Super Mario Deluxe, I'll be auctioning these off, probably starting at the costs of the frames (which are $4 each from WallMart), so keep an eye out for that in the future.

More soon!


November 29, 2012
Cool Story Bro - Sonic Style

Something me and my girlfriend came up with... well, she drew up the other characters and I drew the Eggman. You can tell which one of us had the tablet and which had the mouse. (I have a tablet, but never use it much)

Freakin' Tails's face. OMG.


August 16, 2012
Restoring old Mario 3 artwork

For the longest of time, I've been trying to find good artwork of this:

I took various pieces of art from scans, magazines and edited them in Photoshop. This included various color correcting, text erasing, the whole 9 yards. The end result, while not perfect, is still by all means the best image of this art on the net. Here is the final result!