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May 29, 2016
Memblers Game Genie Flash Board

Plug USB Controller adapter in Player Two. Nothing in player one.
Open Software
Select "Serial" radiul button
Hit OK

On black "Com3 Tera Term VT" text box
Serial Port
Baude Rate 9600. Change to 19200
Hit OK

Power on NES
-Grey screen
On black "Com3 Tera Term VT" text box

Select "ROM" to upload.
Wait for it to finish. Game will autostart.

Turn of NES, disconnect player 2 controller port. Remove GG from cart.
Insert Cart. Play Game

August 17, 2015
Flash Board information

Kazoo Install and Operation in regards to Robot ROM!

WINDOWS 8 USERS Only - Do this first
. PC restart required.

***The rest of the Install Instructions work with Windows 7 and 8. If you have XP, refer to the kazoo readme.txt file.

1. Kazoo Software and Driver:
2, FamiROM (By NA Member Lincoln):

-Extract both. Make sure you pick a location where you want to install the Kazoo Software permanetly because it is path sensitive (according the the readme file).

Open readme.txt in the Kazoo folder. Start at Operating Instructions section Part A. I can't explain it any better than those instuctions, they are pretty straight forward.
-Skip Part B

Prepping Robot ROM to flash to board
Here is where I went full stupid (never go full stupid). You must split the header from the PRG data. For this we use Lincoln's FamiROM.
-Open FamiROM
-Click the Open Button and find and select the Robot ROM
-The PRG section should say: 27C010 (128k)
-Click Split
-Check the folder the ROM is in to make sure you have a new 128kb Robot ROM with a .bin extention
-Close FamiROM, we are done with it

Flashing Board: Operating Instructions section Part C in readme.txt
My modified version for dealing strickly with the board you purchased.

-First off, the board is to be inserted into the Kazoo as shown in this photo:

-Connect the Kazoo to your PC
-Launch ...\kazoo\INL retro-prog software\INL retro-prog v1.1beta (this is the software for flashing, you may want to make a desktop shortcut).
-Press the Test Button - Should See Verify OK. If not, you may have messed up the install, go through it again.

-We have to erase the PRG data from the chip EVERYTIME we want to flash a new rom on it. DON'T FORGET THIS FOR NEXT TIME!!!!
-In the Upper Drop down box, Select Header.
-Click Load Button
-Go to ...\kazoo\ROMS and select ERASE_PRG.bin (the others will give an error)
-Click the Write Button (Your LED light will turn off, the board is now ready to flash the Robot ROM)

Now, the time you have all been waiting for!
-In the Upper Left Drop Down Box, select 128kB PRG (that's our chip!)
-Click Load: Locate and Select the Robot .bin you created with FamiROM
-Click Write: The green bar will start to move. You will probably see the software move to Not Responding. Don't worry, its going. It only takes a few seconds.
-Once you see Verify OK, your board is ready for the NES!

April 06, 2015
Updating AVS Final instructions in E-mail :)

Your board is buggy!  Fortunately I am awesome so there is a way to update it over USB.  This is not the final update procedure, it will be much more user friendly.

1 - Download this windows app: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
2 - Download whatever the latest FPGA config file (.hex) is here: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Look for names starting with "final"

3 - Plug AVS into your computer using the USB connection and turn it on

4 - Run the app, click the "Enable" checkbox in the USB section on the left

5 - Hold reset button on AVS, need to hold it through the whole process

6 - Click "Connect" button in app

7 - Click "Load Hex File" button in app and pick the .hex file

8 - Click "Erase", wait for finish (~3 secs)

9 - Click "Program", wait for finish (~50 secs)

10 - Once programming is completed you can unhold reset button, turn AVS off then on again, and close the app