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1 Ack71 (36)
Heres a Pile of quick wants lists. Im not very picky about condition. All I want is loose carts unless specifically noted. Thanks for taking a look! 07/08/2009
9 Aclancy83 (1) Finding games on Long Island. 03/26/2014
1 acomicbookguyc (347)
I finally found out how to post these. 11/20/2014
1 ag1052 (36)
My NES Collection 08/07/2008
1 Agerbon (0) Play the nes gone 03/05/2008
1 AggroFemme (0) Won't be blogging here really, as I'm co-owner of a blog already. But I figured one entry won't hurt! 07/07/2016
4 ahuffman (15)
SNES Games wanted (in no particular order): 05/18/2009
1 alaina (0) The Internet of Things 06/02/2018
4 albailey (55)
Dungeon crawler 09/15/2014
1 alexanderleytan (0) Video Game News - Copy Video Game Software Has Arrived 04/04/2015
3 ALTQQ (77)
Back into collecting 02/08/2016
1 Andrew Burton (0) 6 Top-Notch Tourist Attractions in Bari 03/15/2017
1 anruiukimi (10)
Eh, no info area in profile from what I can see, so I'll put it here. I'm an Inland Empire dweller whose main claim to "fame" was a three year stint teaching in Japan (protip, it was awesome.) I hold a BA in Anthropology from UCR. Video games, anime, music, collecting, Avengers, fanworks...all things I like. I also have a side Etsy business of selling nerdy patches. Most of my collections in general are in storage, and I hope to move somewhere eventually that will let me have it all out again. 03/03/2014
3 apr0mpt (11)
#3) Score One for Me- Mislabeled Auctions = A chance to get some money back. 05/29/2013
1 Atreyu (56)
NES games I need. the ones with stars are the ones i really want 03/22/2010
1 baph (21)
Recollecting my SNES games (and more) from childhood 04/20/2012
1 barkley (0) My first blog ever. 06/15/2008
1 Baseman (2) This is cool 01/18/2008
1 Basic (5)
Keepin' It Basic 04/06/2008
1 BellHelicopters (2) BouncekDeLemos finished my zelda box for a zelda game I made not to long ago, all I need now is a booklet to be made so it will be CIB, SWEET!!! 01/11/2012
3 Benihana (154)
Memblers Game Genie Flash Board 05/29/2016
1 bleuparty (0) Cheap game consoles made in china 04/01/2014
3 blowback (43)
Added a few more this weekend. 06/15/2008
3 BouncekDeLemos (81)
New restoration project I'm starting up! Also, framed art! 12/31/2012
1 BriGuy82 (25)
Games Completed/High Scores 04/05/2015