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1 acomicbookguyc (347)
I finally found out how to post these. 11/20/2014
1 ag1052 (36)
My NES Collection 08/07/2008
1 Agerbon (0) Play the nes gone 03/05/2008
1 AggroFemme (0) Won't be blogging here really, as I'm co-owner of a blog already. But I figured one entry won't hurt! 07/07/2016
1 Ack71 (36)
Heres a Pile of quick wants lists. Im not very picky about condition. All I want is loose carts unless specifically noted. Thanks for taking a look! 07/08/2009
1 alaina (0) The Internet of Things 06/02/2018
1 alexanderleytan (0) Video Game News - Copy Video Game Software Has Arrived 04/04/2015
1 Andrew Burton (0) 6 Top-Notch Tourist Attractions in Bari 03/15/2017
1 anruiukimi (10)
Eh, no info area in profile from what I can see, so I'll put it here. I'm an Inland Empire dweller whose main claim to "fame" was a three year stint teaching in Japan (protip, it was awesome.) I hold a BA in Anthropology from UCR. Video games, anime, music, collecting, Avengers, fanworks...all things I like. I also have a side Etsy business of selling nerdy patches. Most of my collections in general are in storage, and I hope to move somewhere eventually that will let me have it all out again. 03/03/2014
1 Atreyu (56)
NES games I need. the ones with stars are the ones i really want 03/22/2010
1 baph (21)
Recollecting my SNES games (and more) from childhood 04/20/2012
1 barkley (0) My first blog ever. 06/15/2008
1 Baseman (2) This is cool 01/18/2008
1 Basic (5)
Keepin' It Basic 04/06/2008
1 BellHelicopters (2) BouncekDeLemos finished my zelda box for a zelda game I made not to long ago, all I need now is a booklet to be made so it will be CIB, SWEET!!! 01/11/2012
1 burdger (152)
My Want List (Updated as of 5/29/11) 04/25/2008
1 calebjross (0) My thoughts on the best way to travel with the Nintendo Switch 12/31/2017
1 Candyvin (3) I have over 1,000 positive feedbacks on eBay and a 100% positive feedback rating. I've been trading online since 2001. 04/20/2017
1 Cat Headed Butterflies (0) My collection 10/16/2008
1 cbrown0806 (27)
For Sale List 02/06/2013
1 choppyfield (54)
Down to 3 for *near complete* licensed set (minus SE) 09/21/2009
1 Clutterducks (0) Hello, my name is James. My business partner, Steve, and I just opened a new store in Brewerton, NY. It is called Clutterducks, and we are specializing in carrying all vintage video games and video game collectibles. As well as many other collectibles. Just looking to say hello, and see who is out there in our area. Thank you for your time. 07/12/2013
1 Cmercier1985 (0) Starting my NES Collection and playing Life Force 06/06/2016
1 cocosoup (0) 5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals 02/08/2014
1 Contra__Man (129)