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December 10, 2016
ChristNES Day 10 : Life Force

ChristNES Day 10 : Life Force

Konami does it again, this time with Life Force. A space shooter set in the same world as Gradius except, better. 

Life Force provides both horizontal and vertical levels and adds to the experience with 2 player mode and easier to use power ups than its predecessor.  The addition of combining powers adds another level of gameplay.

Life Force is the perfect game for spending time with a friend who shares your passion for battling through an alien body. Life Force is everything Abadox wished it could be. 

Added Challenge : No Death Run

Merry ChristNES!!!

December 09, 2016
ChristNES Day 9 : Darkwing Duck

Its time to platform again, but this time it feels like Mega Man. Except of course , the ducks, lots of ducks. Darkwing is fun and enjoyable you start by choosing from 3 stages with the ability to choose from another 3 upon completing the first set. 

Use your gas gun to take down the baddies and climb up and down just like the caped crusader did in the cartoon. While Darkwing was aimed at children, it certainly holds up as a fun play for older gamers.

Added Challenge : No Death Run

December 08, 2016
ChristNES Day 8: Tiny Toon Adventures

ChristNES Day 8 : Tiny Toon Adventures

Once again its time to rescue another damsel in distress. This platforming adventure places the gamer in the world of Tiny Toons as Buster Bunny. Prior to each level you are permitted to select a secondary character with varying skill levels and specialties. There are 6 different levels with 3 sub stages each. Collect carrots as you platform your way through this adventure and you will be rewarded by Hamilton with an extra life for every 30 carrots. 

Avoid smooches from Elmira in the second stage of each level . Switching characters is less than ideal as you have to get a power-up item which switches you automatically. Tiny Toons looks like Mario 3 but reminds you of Mario 2. So, if you are a Princess or Luigi fan then Plucky is the character for you. Buster provides the most well balanced game play much like Mario. Dizzy Devil is your power house, bust through walls and attack enemies with his spin attack. Furball is your wall crawler. 

Added Challenge : Never Switch Characters, No Death Run

Merry ChristNES !!!

- Uatu

December 07, 2016
ChristNES Day 7: Pinball

ChristNES Day 7: Pinball 

A console classic. I know what you are thinking, what's the big deal with Pinball?

Well, Pinball offers two players and two modes of play. The game is relentless in bringing the Pinball experience to the home console.

Play to get an extra ball at 50,000 and if you make it to 100,000 then experience the invisible flappers.

The bonus stage is a blast, match the numbers in the same color and catch the Princess as she falls, but quickly move her to the left or right to ensure her safety.

Triple 7's at the top will place a bumper between your flappers while getting all the cards at the bottom will do the same. 

Full disclose, I haven't made it through the exit but this adds to the continued replay value for me.

All-in-all Pinball will keep you playing long after you should have stopped further propelling it to the level of classic NES.

Added Challenge: see how long you can last with the invisible flappers.

Merry ChristNES!!


December 06, 2016
ChristNES Day 6: Felix The Cat

ChristNES Day 6: Felix The Cat

Felix the Cat , a character who traveled from 1919 all the way to 1992 on the NES. His quest, to save his kidnapped girlfriend. Why does this sound so familiar? Anyway, Felix is platforming fun for all ages. Collect magic to upgrade his abilities. Find magical bags to "warp" to special power up rooms. 

While the game isn't the most difficult, I did find the end boss to be a challenge. Not NES hard but hard still.

Felix fell victim to being a later title, featuring a character that was no longer a mainstay in pop-culture and an over crowded market. While not good for sales, this has made Felix the Cat a great title for retro-gamers who didn't get a chance to play the game the first time around. 

Added Challenge: No Death Run 

Merry ChristNES!!