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November 09, 2010
The latest additions!

I forgot to add, I picked up 4 more Famicom Disk System games from hit-japan last night.  They're all brand new and sticker sealed.  They are:

Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami (Light Myth: Paltena's Mirror a.k.a. Kid Icarus in English)
Smash PinPon (Smash Ping Pong)

I also put in an offer on the Super Famicom classic RPG, Chrono Trigger.  I ended up getting it brand new for $58 shipped.  Very happy with this one. 

So the Chrono Trigger might fit in with the collecting goals I previously ranted on about, but how do the FDS games fit?  Well, they don't   .  To be honest, collecting these games has always been mildly impulsive.  I don't plan to pursue the collection any further, I think.  I'll pick up RPG's from Japan when I have the spare cash, but I think that's the limit of what I'll get.

So what's next?  Here's the short list for collecting:

1. Final Fantasy XIV (sealed Walmart edition)
2. Final Fantasy V (new, Japan)
3. Final Fantasy VI (new, Japan)
4. Final Fantasy XIV Japanese novel (coming out in Dec.)
5. Dragon Quest 1 (new, Japan)