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June 04, 2017
How to overcome your stress from a poor exam grade ?

How to overcome your stress from a poor exam grade ?
Though grades hold the center stage in academics these days, they are definitely not all there is about education. Yes, having good grades never hurt, but having poor grades isn’t so catastrophic either. But let’s face it- be it a small class test or your graduation major, getting poor grades in any exam causes stress and even depression at times. So, if you are currently reeling from this personal tragedy of yours’s, try these methods to get a clearer picture of your failures and ways you can overcome them:
  1. Know Your Limits
Many students are generally delusional about their high expectations, which when does not turn into reality, cause stress. The better approach is to rather keep a realistic target and work hard not only to achieve but to beat it.
  1. Analyze
If you believe you have received much lower grades than what you actually deserved, then you need to carefully analyze what went wrong and single-out your mistakes to ensure they are never repeated again.
  1. Make Peace
Once you have established your true potential and recognized your mistakes, there is no sense being stressed over what is now past and cannot be changed. It is better to accept the outcome and move on with a refreshed zeal.
  1. There is Always Another Chance
Getting a poor grade might immediately seem like a major setback, but you need to realize that no single result can make or break your future prospects and there is always another chance for you to course-correct and reflect your true potential. So, rather than whining over the chances you lost, you must focus and be prepared for the chances yet to come. 
  1. Get Help
Getting poor grades are also mentally frustrating, which you must let off before you can focus on any other thing. Be it a close friend, a guardian, or even a teacher, try communicating your problems and fears to release the pressure and gain invaluable advice for future. And you can get online dissertation writing services UK from companies like Prodissertation.
  1. Take a Break
Once you get stressed about the grades you just received, it is only natural to feel like not doing anything for a while and you should not! It is highly recommended to take a short break from studies and indulge in things you love to help rejuvenate your mind and body.
  1. Eat Healthy
And finally, all your emotional responses including stress are linked to the physiological changes of your body, which in turn are shaped by what you eat. Hence, keeping a healthy diet will keep your body in good shape and consequently help you maintain a positive outlook. 
To sum things up, getting poor grades in a test is more of an indication than a verdict of your future prospects and stressing over it isn’t going to do any good either. When faced with such situation, you must first maintain your composure and apply your rational mind to look for the silver lining as there is always one.