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BAN Insert & Random crap

As you have probably seen by now, everyone's favorite ginger is releasing a new game sometime soon (pending bug reports etc etc) and I was asked if I wanted to make an insert to go in the box for this release. I of course said sure, but didn't have a ton of content to post up yet. What you see below is actual screenshots from the emulator photoshopped into something slightly resembling an advertisement. As an added bonus, people who buy the cart (if they are smart enough) will be eligible for a random drawing of a 1-off promo cart.

On the downside, somewhere between having a newborn baby, going to school, and working, I have to find time to finish above said promo cart. On the plus side, the class I'm taking this semester is logic design/assembly programming so it'll keep me in the mood for programming.

COMPO CART... there was some talk about trying to get as many games as possible on the cartridge, but that doesn't seem like it is going to happen. The NROM version is pretty much finished. This may end up being a retrozone release if I don't hear anything about this soon. The more people bug me, the faster this will happen