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April 07, 2016
Compiled Doll Page

This is a beautiful 48" vinyl artist doll in excellent condition. I will have to double check the artist (I'm pretty sure it is by William Tung)

This is a beautiful 36" vinyl artist doll in excellent condition by Pamela Erff. She is bare and lacking all accessories except for her hair ribbon. Great for playing dress up if you have extra doll accessories lying around.

This is a 38" non-artist doll. I'll have to double check the company. It is hard plastic with a rubbery-plastic face. In really nice condition.

This is a 22"-24" baby artist vinyl doll. This one is very thick/solid, extremely detailed, and extremely well-made. There is a small stain on the baby's right shoulder. It can likely be removed with proper treatment (it appears to be a rust stain from rubbing against something in storage). The mouth, hands, and feet have some incredible detail. As you can see in the last picture, it is even wearing a diaper.