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April 10, 2015
Super! BitCon 2015

I had so much fun at Super! BitCon two weeks ago, that I actually sat down and edited footage right away! This is coverage of Super! BitCon, that I shot for the internet Nintendo collecting forum, Nintendo Age. Interviews include Joe Sullivan, owner of a full MACS set, and Orange Rex, all around cool dude and once upon a time a play tester for Nintendo.

Highlights from the weekend would be the Let's Play Gaming Expo competition kart rolling around with one of only a dozen copies of PowerFest 94. Sadly, this was not it's first appearance, but the second since the actual Nintendo event in 1994. 

Did I mention that the Let's Play Gaming Expo is happening August 1st and 2nd?  

Super! BitCon -
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Joe Sullivan -
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