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February 02, 2015
"That Man Stole My Bike!" - MAGFest 13

I attended MAGFest for the first time last week. For those of you that don't know, MAGFest stands for the Music and Gaming Festival held at the Gaylord just outside Washington DC each year. It's like Disney World for nerds, only with video games instead of archetypal characters. And while I was running around shooting video for my recaps the entire time, the best footage I saw was from someone else!
This clip was from another attendee who saw my camera and asked if I wanted to see what they got on their iPhone the day before. I could not stop laughing. Hands down, best cosplay of the weekend. With no further ado, I present...
Music by Emulator (The Band) -
PS If anyone knows who the longhaired guy that joined in the chase is, let me know!