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April 23, 2010
Another round of fixes and a few updates.

- Emoticons will appear in blog posts now
- "Refine Search" and "New Search" tabs were appearing when logged out (should not be appearing).
- Database search issue where last page was including records from the previous page.
- Collection Tool - Quotes in notes section should be fixed.
- Collection Tool - A new collection created via the bulk loader was defaulting to "Generic Collection" if another type was specified.
- Collection Tool - Bulk loader when selecting "Merge and Increment" on existing collections was incorrectly incrementing element types that were not selected.
- Collection Tool - Bulk loader when selecting "Merge and Increment" wasn't adding games that weren't already found; it was only incrementing existing games.
- Collection Tool - Public view box and manual rarity were swapped
- Collection Tool - If a game was sealed, you couldn't upload photos
- Collection Tool - Copying, moving and deleting from within a collection has been overhauled and fixed (hopefully! .
- Collection Tool - Choosing "Trash" when checking off games no longer auto-submits.
- Collection Tool - Added "KHG" "SIV" and "NGD" (and others) for allowing proper entry of codes.
- Collection Tool - The "Alpha" picker bar was not honoring platform, ie, when clicking on 's' and then page 2, within a platform, it wasn't going there.
- Collection Tool - Page 2 (or more) was not showing up when search results were greater than 100.
- Collection Tool - Adding images issues for items that only had manual-only or box-only.
- Collection Tool - Price/Value/Diff talleys were not working with decimals on the general display.
- Collection Tool - Price/Value/Diff talleys were not updating totals properly when only 1 or 2 of the 3 columns were activated.
- Collection Tool - "GBR" only, "Can" only and "FRA" only, on single item edit screen, wasn't saving.

New features:

- Blocking of avatars is enabled
- Blocking of cornerstones is enabled
- Latest Topics now supports up to 1000 topics (total or within a category)
- Latest Posts now supports up to 1000 posts (total or within a category)