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June 06, 2016
Starting my NES Collection and playing Life Force

Decided to start collecting and playing for the NES a few weeks back and I've never been happier I've missed these classics. I went to a local game store and bought what I could I work at a gas station so I'm not exactly swimming in the cash. I picked some good and bad games. My favs right now are Life Force, Tiger Heli, and Adventure Island. Life Force is insane but I cant stop playing it. I love the challenge and that need to do better but still fun in the process. I like Tiger Heli with the mini chopper pick ups you get makes it interesting. I also picked up spot the videogame which is ok nothing special it was only a buck. I got super Mario bros cause that's always a good classic to throw in once and awhile. I picked up a game called flying Dragon which has some fun moments nothing to special tho. The games I haven't tried yet I got are Dragon power, Demon Sword, Cobra Triangle, and Bayou Billy That's all for now back to dying endlessly on life force 😃😃